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Robin Rises: Omega #1 review

What will happen next?

Robin Rises: Omega #1


Damian is dead and Batman is pissed and on a suicide mission to bring him back in Robin Rises: Omega #1. The comic published by DC Comics became available July 16, 2014. This issue is written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Jonathan Glapion and Andy Kubert.

This issue starts off giving us the back story of Batman and Talia. We get to see the back story of Damian also. We get to see how he was born, raised, and died. If you haven't been keeping up on your Batman comics all you need to know is that Damian is Batman's son by Talia. He moved in to Batman and became the next Robin. He didn't listen very well and got himself killed by, here's the kicker, a clone of himself. There has been a lot of different stories going around about this comic book. We have all set around and thought of who would be the next Robin or if Batman could bring Damian back. This issue gives us a ton of answers and also left us with a ton of questions.

By the middle of the issue we get into the action. There is a huge battle between Batman, Ra al Ghul, and other good guys and some bad guys from Apokolips. This bad guys have come here looking for a shard of crystal called The Chaos Shard. Some people die and some just get punched in the face.

The story is well written and the artwork was beautiful. If definitely keeps you wanting to read more. There are also a ton of questions that this issue leaves open. How will Batman get to Apokolips? How does Batman plan to bring Damian back to life? Will there be more clones involved?

Have you read this issue yet? If so, what are your thoughts on it?