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‘Rizzoli & Isles’ recap: ‘Goodbye’ Detective Frost

Goodbye Detective Frost
Goodbye Detective Frost

Rizzoli & Isles


Right when Jane and Vince begin to struggle with their grief, Detective Barry Frost’s mom enters the station. Jane volunteers to help with the funeral arrangements. As soon as the former Mrs. Frost leaves, in walks a blood splattered woman holding a gun and claiming to not know her name or who she killed.

Maura exams the woman and springs a little Red Sox pop quiz on her. Jane Doe or rather Jessica Doe, as Maura calls her, likes the Sox and even has a favorite player. So naturally, Jane thinks she is faking the whole amnesia thing. Jane and Vince drive the woman around the city in hopes she would recognize something. She doesn’t but Jane does, or at least she thinks she does. Jane envisions Barry standing outside a building and runs out into traffic to meet him. Imaginations are powerful especially when mourning the loss of a loved one.

There is a breakthrough in the case though. Jessica Doe’s real name is Lillie Green and she is a pre-school teacher. The detectives, along with Maura, enter Lillie’s home. They don’t find a body but the messy apartment should be considered a crime scene and judging from a photo of Lillie and a young man, it’s not hard to guess who the victim is. We learn the man’s name is Toby Warren and sure enough, pings to his cell phone lead the detectives to his dead body.
Jane shows Lillie a picture of Toby to job her memory and presto! It all comes crashing back. Toby lost his job and started selling drugs to pay his bills. Unfortunately, he owed money to a dealer named Kyle, the real killer. Lillie witnessed the horrific murder but got away. Boston’s finest track Kyle down and put an end to his drug dealing murderous ways.

Jane had been so busy with the case until she had not prepared herself at all for Barry’s funeral. However, when the time comes for her to deliver the eulogy, she delivers graciously. Later, Jane arrives home to find a postcard from Barry in the middle of her stack of mail. It is at this point where she finally breaks down and cries.

It was a very fitting send off for Barry Frost (Lee Thompson Young). May he rest in peace.
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