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‘Rizzoli & Isles’ recap and review: ‘The Best Laid Plans’ die twice

The Best Laid Plans
Photo by Jason Merritt

Rizzoli & Isles


Now who would want to kill a sweet wealthy old woman who is already knocking on death’s door? Jane’s guess is it’s someone eager to get their hands on the terminally ill Chelsea Rothsburger’s money. The maid Polly spouts her love and loyalty of 20 years devoted to the woman but Chelsea is also survived by two sons, one of whom is a recovering drug addict. If he ever decided to slip his oar back into those murky waters again it would be costly.

In other late breaking Boston news, Maura is teaching a forensic science class at Boston Cambridge University where she meets a handsome professor named Jack Armstrong. Jack starts flirting almost immediately and Maura can hardly contain her attraction.

Jane misses her doctor’s appointment so Angela goes in her place. Yeah, frown line goes here. Not to worry. Angela did not go for an exam in Jane’s stead. She just wanted to know if she could serve as her daughter’s midwife. Jane is so appalled at the thought she almost delivers right there on the spot.

When Chelsea’s oldest son becomes the lead suspect, Polly comes to his defense claiming she is the one who put her beloved employer out of her misery with a shot of morphine. It seems Polly was tasked with performing a mercy killing. However, the coroner’s medical report indicates that Chelsea died as a result of having air injected into her air. Therefore, Chelsea was already dead when Polly arrived to assist in her suicide. So now Jane believes the motive for murder was not money but the desire to see Chelsea Rothsburger suffer.

Maura is in stall mode in moving forward with developing a relationship with Jack. She hasn’t had the best of luck with in men in the past, dating such socially inept men as face lickers and serial killers. Jane encourages her friend to pursue the relationship but not without some good humored ribbing of course.

As the Chelsea Rothsburger murder investigation progresses, the detectives learn that hired help Brad Oskoff was sired by Chelsea’s husband Larry. Brad took his bitterness out on Chelsea by sticking an air-filled syringe into her heart.

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