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'River Road' by Jayne Ann Krentz: Pure adventure and romance the Krentz way

Classic Krentz in this romantic suspense novel
Classic Krentz in this romantic suspense novel
courtesy of Putnam

River Road by Jayne Ann Krentz


With "River Road," Jayne Ann Krentz provides yet another romantic suspense novel for her legion of fans to enjoy. Krentz introduces a female protagonist, Lucy Sheridan, who has an unusual profession -- she's a forensic genealogist who creates family trees and tracks down heirs to estates for a living. Who knew there was such a profession?

"River Road" is touted as a classic tale of murder and revenge. The reader doesn't find out what the revenge entails until the end, when the mystery is solved.

In between, there is a fabulous male co-protagonist, Mason Fletcher, who is vacationing from his high-powered business by working at his uncle's hardware store.

Mason and Lucy shared one slightly less-than-passion-filled night when he pulled her out of an unsupervised teen party while Lucy was staying with her aunt. As much as she resented his action and proprietary manner (he was only three years older than she), she also viewed him as an angel-rescuer. And she kind of had a crush on him.

Fast forward thirteen years. Lucy's aunt has died, and she must deal with the estate. She learns a lot about what happened the night of that party, including the disappearance of the local bad boy -- a wild, rich kid who also happened to be a sociopath.

Was her aunt's death a car accident, as she had been told, or a murder? Lucy is determined to investigate, even when local feathers are ruffled. She is bringing back memories that many don't want resurrected, and she is running into danger.

Luckily for Lucy, her angel of thirteen years is in town and more than willing to help her. Of course, passion ignites between them, and it's obvious from the romantic scenes why Krentz is one of the most celebrated romance authors around.

Krentz also chose to set the novel in California wine country. It's a business that has greatly changed the small northern California towns. She grew up in northern California and says that she finds it fascinating that the old towns are still there if you look beneath the surface. "When it comes to keeping old secrets, nothing beats a small town."

Krentz is a versatile and prolific author. She writes paranormal romance (for example "Crystal Gardens"), contemporary romance, historical romance (under the name Amanda Quick), and futuristic novels (as Jayne Castle). Old fans and new readers will enjoy "River Road" as a light, enjoyable, romantic suspense novel.

Please note: This review is based on the final paperback book provided by the publisher, Avon, for review purposes.

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