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'Rise and Shine' by Sandra D. Bricker, charming modern-day fairy tale

"Rise and Shine" by Sandra D. Bricker
Wynn-Wynn Media

'Rise and Shine' by Sandra D. Bricker


Imagine being on your honeymoon one second and the next thing you know you are waking up in a hospital room, surrounded by strangers, and ten years of life have passed you by in the blink of an eye. This is the world Shannon Ridgeway discovers herself in in the newest contemporary fairytale, "Rise and Shine" by Sandra D. Bricker. Not only must Shannon learn about what the world is like ten years later than her last memory, she also must deal with the knowledge that her husband, Edmund, has died while she has been in a coma. It makes for an interesting, light-hearted romance that will have readers laughing out loud and cheering for Shannon to realize that some things never change.

Christian author Sandra D. Bricker was a publicist working in Los Angeles with daytime television stars before she decided to try her hand at inspirational fiction. Her first modern-day fairytale was titled "If the Shoe Fits." Bricker is also the author of several other inspirational fiction favorites such as "Always the Designer, Never the Bride," "Raw Edges" and Merry Humbug Christmas."

From the very first page of "Rise and Shine" readers will be drawn to the character of Shannon Ridgeway. She is a young woman who married the man of her dreams, only to be involved in a diving accident on her honeymoon that left her in a coma for ten years; she awakens to learn that her husband has since died from cancer and that she has been cared for by Dr. Daniel Petros for nearly a decade. Of course, Edmund was wealthy and so he made provisions for Shannon should she ever awaken. While she is thankful that she has awakened and some of her beloved friends and family are easily remembered, other memories are difficult to recall.

As she navigates in a world full of technology that wasn't around in 2005 (the Kindle, for example), she discovers talents and interests that were never there before. Her elderly aunt Mary, her best friend Izzy and a Basset hound named Rodney Dangerfield fulfill Shannon's life, but she still feels something is missing. Only when she is faced with losing the friendship of Dr. Petros, does she realize how important it can be to trust God no matter what life throws at you.

"Rise and Shine" is sure to be one of those books that leave readers wondering what happens next with the characters. It is published by River North and is set to be released May 14, 2014.

Cindi Rose received an ARC of this book from Jeane Wynn at Wynn-Wynn Media.

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