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Rio 2 Movie is not as great as the first - but still good

Rio 2 Movie Poster

Rio 2


I have found that about half the time, I don't like the sequel as well as the original movie. Sadly, this is how I felt with Blue Sky Studios Rio 2. It was a good movie, but I felt like there was a little too much singing. The overall story line is great. It centers on family and love and sacrifice. . My kids liked it and were interested the whole time (all of them except my two year old). There were some new characters introduced in this film (Roberto, Gabi, and Eduardo are the most prominent).

The movie starts off in Rio the new year. Linda and Roberto take a trip into the Amazon to release a bird back into it's natural habitat and in the process end up seeing a Blue Macaw. The movie progresses with Blue and Jewel finding out that there are other Blue Macaw's out there and so they take off to go find them. Pedro, Rafael, and Nico go with them. While they are flying to the Amazon, Nigel see's them and remembers his vendetta with Blue. He chases after them with his new "friend" Gabi (the tree frog) and a funny ant eater.

They all meet up in the Amazon - and while Nigel still wants to kill Blue - he is torn between his new found "stardom" and his vendetta. This is a great movie about Blue and Jewel and compromise. There are some twists to the movie and I really loved the end. There was a lot of humor through out - and all of the characters were great. I just felt like it had a little too much singing (and not enough from Jamie and - I love them together).

Your kids will love it - and you will laugh. If you haven't seen it yet - go watch it.