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‘Rigor Mortis’ takes on vampires with a martial arts twist

Rigor Mortis


The Asian film market delivers some of the most insane horror films out there. Much like most genres, not all of them work, but they definetly deliver something original and out there. The latest Rigor Mortis, comes from WellGo USA bringing together the blood soaked vampire along and the haunting of the ghost film with a touch of martial arts paying homage to the classic Chinese vampire movies, but does it manage to pay them the respect they deserve or should it never have been resurrected?

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WellGo USA

Rigor Mortis follows a Hong Kong public housing tower whose occupants soon discover, runs the gamut from the living to the dead, to the undead, along with ghosts, vampires and zombies. From the moment this film kicks off you know it is going to be pretty out there. Much like most horror films from Asia the story doesn’t always make a lot of sense, but that is part of what makes them creepy. It takes some interesting directions using the typical idea of the ghost story but twisting it with the vampire aspect making for something even more unique. The visuals alone make for a great movie using the dark tone of the surroundings alongside the cool effects added for the ghost characters. The traditional dark magic used when fighting against the undead of all types fused with some cool martial arts sequences take it too another level. They do a great job keeping the real nature of the story under wraps until the last half when all hell breaks loose. The direction they go is pretty cool, but not only the action aspect of it, but the unexpected direction they go with one of the characters controlling a mythical door way of sorts was just awesome. There isn’t a ton of martial arts, but what is there is well choreographed and executed perfectly making it not only a great horror film, but a great action movie as well.

This is a unique film that showcases numerous unexpected moments in regards to those that they kill and the way they handle the legends in a great way. If you loved the classic Chinese vampire films then you have to check out this one as it not only does the genre justice it creates something new and cool that stands out on its own. If you have never had the pleasure of checking them out, give this one a try anyway you will not be disappointed.