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Ridiculously delicious Wild Poppy Blood Orange Chili organic juice drink

Wild Poppy Blood Orange Chili Juice Drink
Wild Poppy Blood Orange Chili Juice Drink

Wild Poppy Blood Orange Chili organic juice drink


Wow, wow, wow! Have I ever happened upon a ridiculously refreshing and energetic organic juice drink!!

While shopping at Fresh Market I saw a clear glass single-serve drink that grabbed my attention. It had a simply understated label but the words, Blood Orange Chili jumped at me!

After getting home I unscrewed the top and took a swallow. Wow!! It was sooo delish I had to write a quick review fast about this incredible Wild Poppy Blood Orange Chili drink!

Now I love blood orange juice and have made some myself - but I never thought to add chili peppers to my concoction. When I juice my own fruits and veggies I often add the zip of ginger, cilantro, and / or jalapeno peppers, but I've never used what this juice has: HABANERO pepper!! Oh my goodness!!

I must confess, had I looked at the ingredients before tasting I may have avoided it but I am so glad I didn't. This has a fresh clean taste with enough spice to perfectly balance the blood orange and produce a ZING! I love it! Wild Poppy, can you send me a case? Haha!

My husband also got a taste before I swilled the rest down. (Guess I'll be going back to buy more!) He commented that this would also be good with your favorite alcohol spirit. For me, it's the perfect adult non-alcoholic drink - almost a tonic. Wildly yummy! I love that it's made from organic ingredients and contains NO SUGAR! Yippee!!

Habanero peppers contain capsaicin which has been shown in medical studies to reduce the pain of arthritis, decrease the skin itch associated with psoriasis, and lessen the risk of prostrate cancer. Habanero peppers also contain many vitamins, minerals, and fiber. So it seems juicing habanero peppers may be quite beneficial for your health and possibly even reduce the chances of serious medical conditions. (Reference this article).

Click here to find out more about all their exotic flavor combinations ->> Wild Poppy website

About the Wild Poppy company

Wild Poppy is located in Los Angeles California. They make several flavors (CLICK HERE to learn more) of organic craft fruit juice drinks and package them in single-serve containers.

From my research it seems they are a small private company who prefers to make their drinks by small batches to preserve the quality and freshness.

They are continuing to expand. You can find their drinks at Whole Foods and Fresh Market.

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