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'Ride Along (2014)' Movie Review: Lukewarm at best

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Ride Along


Security Guard Ben (Kevin Hart) want to be a cop. As a matter of fact Ben wants a lot of things. You see Ben lives in Atlanta and is dating a very beautiful young lady by the name of Angela (Tika Sumpter). Now Ben goes for a ride along with his brother-in-law and loves the job. He wants to be an Atlanta cop more than he knows. He also wants to marry Angela. Now Angela's brother is a cop and doesn't really care for Ben at all. Actually you could say James (Ice Cube) thinks Ben is a loud mouthed jerk.

Well somehow Ben makes it into the Academy but James is still not convinced that Ben has what it takes to his kid sister happy.

Well one thing leads to another and James gets Ben to go on a ride along with him. James does everything he can to mess with Ben. The loud mouth actually starts to hold his own and impresses James. Unfortunately, the two get entangled with one of Atlanta's bad boys and this is when Ben can finally show James what he has or hasn't. You will have to watch this film to find out if Ben gets to walk down the aisle with Angela or not.

Now this movie has some good parts but it is usually when Kevin hart is acting like Kevin Hart the loud mouth. Other than that this movie is lacking in many ways. You can have all the action in the world but to pull this one out is going to be hard. Entertaining at best but I wouldn't spend the money on it.

Director Tim Story has some great credits behind him but even he can't seem to get this movie out of the crapper. Comedy is lukewarm at best but acting is ice, I mean cold. Ice Cube has never really become the actor that he thinks he is and he isn't doing it with this film.