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Rick gives repeat performance

Rick Springfield concert


Being a huge Rick Springfield fan, I went back for his second performance in Dallas at the Wyly Theater Center last week, where he literally gave a repeat performance. I had hoped for a little variation, at least, but it was in every way "a repeat performance", down to wearing the exact same clothes, and making the same comments to audience members during the show. Recognizing several people, including myself, who were at his show the night before, he explained - a video was in the making of the tour, and they wanted to be able to splice together the best of all of the performances. Rick talked about the tour in an interview, which can be seen here. There was no alcohol allowed inside the theater for these shows, which is not the norm at the Wylie. I was told that it was due to the performer's request. I now assume the reason to be so people would not be going in and out during the filming. Also, I was slightly late the first night, and was shocked when I got there that my front row seat had been given to someone else. I was directed to a second row side seat, which was not bad, but it was not the seat I purchased the day the tickets went on sale. I was told by a theater employee the next night that they moved people to fill in the seats that would be visible while filming Rick - they didn't want to show vacant seats. I have never had my seat given away before, and there was no warning or mention of any time limitations when the ticket was purchased. So, even though I love Rick Springfield, both on stage and on General Hospital, and he performed fantastically, it was a tad disappointing that the filming was such a priority, especially considering the ticket prices. This is one show as well, where the ticket prices varied from city to city, with the Wyly Theater being one of the more expensive venues on the tour.

Rick Springfield: Stripped Down Tour 2014
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Rick Springfield Stripped Down
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