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Rice Vinegar to enhance your gluten free cooking

Rice Vinegar to add to your gluten free lifestyle
Photos taken courtesy of: Nicole Sirote

Marukan gluten free vinegar


A company that has been around since 1649 truly has something to call home about. Marukan is nearly as old as the bones that could be found at a crime scene on your favorite CSI television show, but they continue to grow and produce great marinades and vinegars. Marukan started many, many years ago, but it wasn't until 1961 that they changed their name to Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A).

Marukan established their Los Angeles, California branch in 1974 and little by little has continued to grow into the market of sauces and marinades. Their products can be used to enhance the flavor in any type of dish you choose to cook, including any gluten free dishes, as their rice vinegars are gluten free. Their slogan is 'rich in flavor and mild in taste.' It is important to note that the gourmet blend of vinegar does have a bit of sodium in the ingredients so if you are watching your sodium intake, this one is not recommended.

To find Marukan vinegars check out their website and your local grocer. You can find some great recipes on their site here.