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Rib-tickling 'Neighbors'

Neighbors (movie)


Director Nicholas Stoller (‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, ‘Get Him to the Greek’) takes on the idea of growing up with ‘Neighbors’. The film is full of raunchy situations and jokes that will have everyone laughing from beginning to end.

Official Poster for "Neighbors"
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Mac Radner (Seth Rogen) and wife Kelly (Rose Byrne) are coping with being new parents and the isolating awareness that brings into their lives. They have achieved a stable job, the house with the white-picket fence, and a loving relationship but these are getting in the way of having fun as adults – at least the way they used to have fun. To complicate things, the infamous Delta Psi fraternity move next door, led by charming fraternity leaders Teddy (Zac Efron) and Pete (Dave Franco), which could complicate their lethargic lives.

Writers Andrew j. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien introduce each character slowly, as if by a sense of propriety, with one-liners and jokes to help establish the generation-gap from “keep it down” to the differences between Michael Keaton and Christian Bale’s depiction of Batman. The newlyweds and the Delta Psi’s enjoy one night of raving madness that assures everyone, at least at first, that everything will be cordial between the two parties. The subtleties quickly go out the window when Mac, during a moment of adult sobriety, calls the police to report the loud and obnoxious neighbors. With an equal sense of drama, and joviality to the audience, Teddy calls the act a “break of trust” and war quickly ensues. Both parties enter into the most uproarious acts of warfare from T-ping Mac’s house to breaking the sacred code of brotherhood.

Nothing is left untouched in ‘Neighbors’, and even Rose Byrne gets a chance to act like one of the boys. Seth Rogen’s quick-wit is always a winning combination for a rated R comedy, and surprisingly Zac Efron is able to keep up with the coarse tone too – peeling-off the Disney persona he is so well-known for. The entire cast gets their moment in the spotlight too from newcomers like Dave Franco to all-time-favorites like Lisa Kudrow.

‘Neighbors’ sets the tone in the comedy genre for the upcoming summer season with a good mix of bawdy and laughs that will entertain everyone in the audience.