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Revolve Pizza Kitchen in OKC, Oklahoma

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Shelley Stutchman

Revolve Pizza Kitchen


“Oh man, does he really have to watch The Food Network channel all day long?” Eric asked himself.

Eric was a teenager when his grandfather came to live with his family. His grandfather had cancer, and needed the help as he struggled with this disease. Eric loved his grandfather, so day after day they would sit together and watch The Food Network channel.

Eric played high school baseball and had dreams of making baseball his career; however, along the way he found out he had a natural talent for cooking. One day while watching yet another episode with his grandfather, Eric decided he wanted to try to make one of the dishes he had seen on the show. He went to the store and bought all the ingredients. When he got home, he cooked the dish that had spiked his interest. It was better than good; it made his grandpa smile. Eric was hooked; he started paying more attention to the shows, and cooking more. Today Eric, along with some other partners, own the Revolve Pizza Kitchen.

Eric Cooper was wearing a pink polo shirt with the fighting cancer ribbon embroidered on it when we met for this interview. He explained he liked to wear the shirt because he believed it is important to show support for good causes. Within just a few short minutes of talking with him, between his engaging personality and love for his business, you will find yourself rooting for this entrepreneur and hoping for his success. Even though he has only been open for a few months, business is booming and a second Revolve Pizza Kitchen is in the works.

When asked why he chose to have a pizza restaurant, his enthusiasm shows, a grin crosses his face, he looks you directly in the eye and says, “Apparently you haven’t tried my pizza yet.”

With your first bite of his pizza, you know you have found heaven. From that moment on, when you think pizza, Revolve Pizza Kitchen will be the only place you will ever want to go again. He uses all fresh ingredients, nothing frozen; every item is made from scratch, including the noodles for his divine pasta dishes. His spaghetti and meatballs are the best in town, maybe in the world for that matter.

When you arrive at Revolve Pizza Kitchen, you will be greeted by a smiling employee opening the door for you. When you look around you will notice all the people working there are smiling. One of the employees named Quinton said, “I love working here. The owners treat us nice. They are laid back, and it is not stressful to work here. It is fun.”

There is a four-step process to getting the pizza of your dreams ordered.

Step one: Select your homemade crust.
Step two: Select your fresh homemade sauce.
Step three: Select your fresh toppings.
Step four: The pizza is cooked in a revolving brick oven with flames of fire.

Don’t think you can eat just one piece; that is impossible, because one piece leads to another, and then to another, until you are so stuffed, you can’t eat anymore.

The only negative thing about Revolve Pizza Kitchen is when you sit down at a booth. They are hard wood benches that are lower to the floor than you expect. A cushion on the bench would take care of this minor problem. If the seat is too uncomfortable, you can always sit at one of the tables with chairs.

From the smiling employees, the engaging owner, to the fresh made from scratch food, there is only one place to go, and that place is, Revolve Pizza Kitchen, located at 5500 W. Memorial Road, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They are open seven days a week from 10:30 AM to 10 PM.

For more details and a look at their menu selection go to their web site at

Just for a moment, shut your eyes, imagine the enticing aroma of pizza as it cooks, feel your mouth start to water, and visualize that warm piece of pizza in your hand as you bring it to your mouth.

Now begin your own four-step process.

Step one: Open your eyes.
Step two: Grab your car keys
Step three: Get in your car and pick up a friend.
Step four: Drive as fast as you can to Revolve Pizza Kitchen.

It is a good day to eat pizza.

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