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Revival, Tim Seeley and Mike Norton's Supernatural Noir



In a snowy, rural town in Wisconsin, the recently deceased are returning to life. Officer Dana Cypress and younger sister Martha get caught in the middle of this phenomenon and set out to the discover the mystery of the "revivers." Written by Tim Seeley and drawn by Mike Norton comes Revival.

Image Comics
RevivalImage Comics

The story gives a good mix of a cop drama in rural, snowy setting reminiscent the Coen Brothers' Fargo and a small town supernatural mystery like David Lynch's Twin Peaks. The series began 2012 and has of now reached issue #23 at this point. Throughout the story, Dana and Martha come across ghost, exorcists, and religious fanatics who see the revivals as a divine miracle.

The dialogue is very entertaining which makes this noir a refreshingly fun read. The assortment of colorful characters put the reader at ease although they must deal with incredibly tense and life threatening situations. Dana must use her police skills to get to the bottom of case full of twists that give readers a multitude of different leads the keep readers from being able to guess the story's outcome while avoiding off-putting confusion. These twist provide you with a story that has more going on beyond the "revivers" maybe suggesting there are more sinister forces at play when other murders, seemingly unrelated, pop up. The odd and questionable characters the two sister face assist in the consistent build of mystery that can go in so many unexpected directions that will hold readers' interest.

The art of Mike Norton in this book are nicely complemented by the beautiful coloring done by Mark Englert. Norton's detail looks great but it is what we've come to expect from comics today. Even So, Norton does a great job giving a special charm to the facial expressions.

The paneling is also nicely formatted and has a unique style of borders that look like they were drawn with an unsteady marker that beautifully fit the theme of of the gory noir Revival is. The style of paneling does amazing job set the book apart form the other stories in this genre which is hard to do in a world where Ed Brubaker has a strong monopoly on making many of the best comic book noirs around.

The covers of the issues as well as the between chapter covers in the trade paperback volumes of the collected story are stunning in detail and color. Revival has a very impressive look that make it a treat for the eyes as well as high quality literature in story.

Revival is a great series to start following for those who are a fan of noir especially in the supernatural realm. Supernatural, Fargo, Twin Peaks, if you're a fan of any of these shows or movies like this then you'll be delighted to see a comic series that have the best qualities of these works in an ongoing story.