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Review: 'Zero Shades of Grey: A Christian Guide to Acceptable Sex' by Ned Carter

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Zero Shades of Grey: A Christian Guide to Acceptable Sex by Ned Carter


Everyone is talking about the erotic, S&M themed novel, "Fifty Shades of Grey," but for fundamentalist Christians there is now a different book available – "Zero Shades of Grey: A Christian Guide to Acceptable Sex" by Ned Carter.

The book is a twenty-two paged, illustrated guide for Christians on how not to have sex according to the Bible. It is of course a satire, but it could just as well be a serious book for many in prudish religious communities.

The idea of the book is funnier than the book itself, but it is a quick read and worth a good chuckle. I don’t think it is worth the $5.99 price tag, but it would make a hilarious present for a fundamentalist family member or friend. Currently it seems to only be available digitally on Kindle, but a physical paperback would make for a great coffee table book when hosting religious relatives.

I contacted Ned Carter and asked him a few questions about the book. Here is that interview:

Does it surprise you that some atheists didn’t realize that your book was a satire?

“Actually, yes. I put it into the humor section and wrote "this is SATIRE!" on the cover. But, honestly, it would not be surprising to find a non-satirical one existing.”

Do you know if any religious believers bought your book without realizing that it is a satire?

“I have not received any messages that would indicate anyone religious bought the book as a how to.”

One criticism of your book has been that it is really short especially given the subject matter. Do you plan on writing a sequel to address other aspects of religion and sexuality?

“I do. I plan to expand this one with more illustrations, and I plan to address most major western religions.”

"Zero Shades of Grey: A Christian Guide to Acceptable Sex" by Ned Carter is available on

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