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Review: Wild Restaurant in West Village NYC

Wild Restaurant
Wild Restaurant
Self-Lauren Romano

Wild Restaurant West Village NYC


I absolutely love pizza, and I'm willing to try almost any kind. I mean, how can you go wrong with carbs and cheese?
However, in the land of pizza joints everywhere and the $1 slices, not all pizza is created equal. In 2006, Miki Agrawal decided to open up Wild in NYC, but did a little spin from the traditional pizza places. Agrawal uses organic and gluten free flours and tomato sauces, as well as hormone free meats and cheeses.

Now I can almost hear some people rolling their eyes and thinking “Well how good can the food really be?” Pretty. Damn. Good.
I started out with the fresh hummus ($8), which is served with gluten-free toasted bread sticks, celery, carrots, and olive oil. The taste of the hummus was just okay as it lacked a bit of flavor and the vegetables lacked crispness. My guest and I also started with the sangria, which is fantastic, and it's an added plus that it's served in mason jars.

Next up is the pizza. My guest got the Skinny Bitch ($14; grilled zucchini, eggplant, pesto, marinara, cherry tomatoes), I got the Wild Mushroom Truffle ($14; mushrooms, herbs, ricotta), and we split the Wild White ($14; ricotta, truffle oil, cracked pepper, mozzarella). We definitely planned on taking most of it home, but we each tried a slice of each, and while each pizza was amazing, my hands down absolute favorite is the Wild Mushroom Truffle Pizza. Granted, $14 may seem a bit steep in price for a personal pizza, but it's well worth it. I shared the pizza with two other people who said the same. It was actually so good I sent out a mass text with the picture and recommended it to those in the area before I even left the restaurant. The next day, if you want that crispiness, heat the pizza up in a toaster oven or regular oven for a few minutes.

Lastly, we had the Chocolate Nut Crusted Cheesecake, and it's the kind of dessert that makes your eyes roll back in your head it's that good. All of their desserts are brought in by Vegan Treats in NYC.

Our waitress Angela was wonderful and very knowledgeable about the entire menu, including the wines. She was attentive, but not annoyingly so. The place is clean (including the bathroom), and beautiful, and it's the perfect spot to go whether you're dining with a friend or a date. They recently opened another Wild location in Williamsburg and one in Las Vegas, and I highly recommend checking out any one of their locations. Based on the hummus I had, I would skip it, but as far as the pizza and desserts, dig right in and feel good that what you're eating is chemical free. You'll feel much less guilty about how much you're actually going to eat.

535 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

Disclaimer: The food reviewed in this article was generously provided by Wild. However, the opinions are my own and are fair and accurate based on my own experiences.Reprint of the photographs included in this review is not permitted without my express and written consent.

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