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Review: White Hat Premium Texas Rum, keeping craft spirits local.

A bottle of White Hat Texas premium rum.

White Hat Premium Texas Rum


Happy Halloween readers! Today, we'll be examining a Texas craft rum produced in the city of Manor by South Congress Distillery. Master distiller Mike Jakle and I spoke at length regarding the state of distillation as a business in Texas. His passion and love of the craft is evident immediately as is his adherence to using only local ingredients. Because this is a new craft distillery, very little history is available for South Congress. On to the review with us then.


The nose of the spirit has notes of banana, milk chocolate, marshmallow, vanilla, and steamed carrots. It is reminiscent of Central and South American aguardiente spirits. Because this is a triple distilled product, the distillate is quite a bit more substantial in its boozy quality, and a slight bit more neutral than a cachaça for example. Nevertheless, the end result nets South Congress its credentials in an increasingly congested product range. The flavor has a substantial molasses, almost moonshine quality about it. The distillation method does not cut this out. A hint of blueberry pancake comes through next, moving towards banana once more, finishing with a repeat of the heady airy chocolatey quality of the nose with an added hazelnut redolence.

Any spirits enthusiast that appreciates fine craft spirits with similar profiles to the terrific sugarcane and molasses spirits south of our border along with the tradition of fermenting and distilling "moonshine" from recipes using only permutations of fermentable liquid from sugar should own a bottle of this for their collection. I enjoyed reviewing it and I send a big thank you towards Mike. Pick up a bottle from your local area Spec's for around 19 dollars. Supporting locally sourced and locally created products can only be a boon for our fledgling craft booze market. Spoiler Alert: Bloody Mary cocktails taste amazing with it due to its reduced sweetness as a by-product of the process of multiple distillations.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Suggested Tasted Method: On the rocks, in a rum and coke, or in a Bloody Mary.

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