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Review: Weekend, by The Sounds

Weekend, by The Sounds


The Sounds, the queer-punk Swedish band, released their fifth studio album, Weekend. The band has been touring non-stop since they released their first album in 2002, Living in America. Five years ago, they released Crossing The Rubicon and toured with Paramore and a newly-reformed No Doubt. Then, in 2011, two of their songs appeared on the revival, and fourth-installment, Scream 4. Those tracks were off their fourth album, Something To Die For.

Metronome Records/Orginal Sound Recordings 2013/Leane Mueller.
Metronome Records/Orginal Sound Recordings 2013
The Sounds
Metronome Records/Orginal Sound Recordings 2013

Since before the release of Weekend until last month, four singles have been used as promotion: "Shake Shake Shake", "Weekend", "Hurt The Ones I Love" and "Outlaw" (see video attached). Now, the band is touring the US alongside Blondfire, Ghost Beach, and Strange Talk.

The tour will begin in Vancouver, Canada this week, then stop by Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Tampa, Atlanta, Austin, and more. The show will come to Washington DC, when they perform at 9:30 Club on April 12th.

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More on the album:

"Shake Shake Shake" is the "Tony The Beat"/"Beatbox" to the oomph degree. It is funky and a great introduction to the album. "Take It The Wrong Way" and "Hurt The Ones That I Love" are mature but cohesive, grown up yet reminiscent of their previous albums. They have the same emotional intensity of "Night After Night".

"Weekend" has a lovely tonality. It describes the need of the weekend (being carefree) due to heartache and vacancy. The title track and "Great Day" both have gorgeous guitar riff introductions. "GD" is a fantastic summer track.

"Outlaw" is the "S.O.U.N.D.S." and "Living in America" of this album. There is a certain 'I am who I am' attitude about it. "Too Young To Die" is retro heaven.

"Panic" is the one who stands out the least, but then come "Animal" and "Emperor". Both of these tracks have introductions and bass lines which are a welcomed departure for the band. These two have a punk-folk vibe. "Emperor" has a catchy and ridiculously fun chorus.

The last track, "Young and Wild", is the most surprising of all. It grows slowly and comfortably as the opposite to the previously mentioned "Too Young To Die"; which basically just reminds us of that carefree feeling. The Caribbean music undertones, most likely timbales, are the final touch of Weekend reminding us of how eclectic yet S.O.U.N.D.S, The Sounds are. Weekend is certainly the most diverse in their catalogue.

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