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Review: Vapor Couture Maximale Kit and Electronic Cigarette

The Vapor Couture Maximale Kit comes with everything you need to get started and more.
The Vapor Couture Maximale Kit comes with everything you need to get started and more.
Holly Anne Silva | NY Style & Beauty Examiner

Vapor Couture Maximale Kit


Last week, well-known electronic cigarette company VMR Products launched Vapor Couture, the first line of electronic cigarettes catered exclusively to women.

The Vapor Couture Maximale Starter Kit comes with everything you need in the color and flavor of your choice.
Holly Anne Silva | NY Style & Beauty Examiner

In today’s day and age, vaping (smoking via an electronic cigarette) is becoming more and more common. E-cigs are especially ideal for those trying to quit smoking cigarettes all together and those who don’t want to smoke cigarettes anymore, but still need a nicotine fix. Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to regular cigarettes because there is no odor (which, let’s face it, we all hate), no fire hazards, no ashes falling and scattering, and they’re even a cheaper alternative than the $9–$15 packs of cigarettes sold in stores.

Unlike the typical cigarette-look, Vapor Couture extends a new, chic style of electronic cigarettes. With their feminine colors and sleek shape, women are now given the opportunity to smoke in style.

Along with their elegantly-styled e-cigs, Vapor Couture offers a number of different accessories, including rechargeable cases, sterling silver necklaces, and leather clutches. Their line of accessories really help them maintain their classiness at a brand and set them apart from other e-cig brands.

The Vapor Couture Maximale Kit (valued at $200) comes with everything you need: 3 rechargeable batteries, 4 packs of 5 cartridges, a fluted link necklace, a charging kit and car adapter, a gorgeous smartphone clutch, and a portable charging case, all in the color of your choice.

Read more about Vapor Couture products and the launch here!

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out the Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarettes and the accessories from the Maximale Kit, and I was pretty impressed. Now, I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with the product (as there are always faults and nothing is perfect), but all in all, Vapor Couture is a good product.

What I like about the Vapor Couture e-cig:

  • They’re safe: Vapor Couture e-cigs are non-flammable and are equipped with an electronic atomizer that automatically turn off after ten seconds of continuous atomization (taking a really long puff) to prevent over-exposure to nicotine, and it also prevents the atomizer from getting too hot.
  • They’re stylish: Again, the Vapor Couture batteries and cartridges come in four different, fashionable colors – Rose Gold, Brushed Platinum, White Signature, and Deep Purple, each with a feminine jewel tip, so vaping isn’t just about the actual smoking – it’s about doing it on style.
  • They’re lightweight: The slim style and sleek design make the Vapor Couture e-cig lightweight and easy to carry around. The case accessories they offer make this very easy.
  • They’re yummy: Their six flavors – Bombshell (classic tobacco), Rodeo Drive (rich, All-American tobacco), Fresh Mint (menthol), Passion Fruit, Strawberry Champagne, and Arctic Mint – are tasty and luscious.
  • • They’ll help you quit smoking: They offer four different nicotine strengths – 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0% (so you can quit smoking and stop that addiction all together!).
  • It’s good vapor: Unlike cigarettes, Vapor Couture e-cigs produce nicotine vapor that is similar to the human body – so it’s easier on your throat and lungs (my throat doesn’t burn when I puff). VMR Products has always been known for their high-vapor excretion, and Vapor Couture is no different. Once the atomizer is primed (after the first few puffs), the little e-cigs actually produce a high amount of vapor.
  • They have matching accessories: Their rechargeable carrying cases, metal cases, and leather clutches come in a variety of colors so that you can match your cigarette to a case or clutch – not you just need to invest in matching shoes and you’re set!

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Although I’m no e-cig expert, I’d say Vapor Couture e-cigs are helpful, fun, and overall a good product. Again, as stated before, no item is ever perfect.

What I didn’t like about the Vapor Couture e-cig:

  • Their flavors are limited: Although delicious and tasty flavors ranging from fruity to mint to traditional tobacco, there are only six flavors, which leaves your choice limited.
  • The battery is too small: Since the e-cig is lightweight and slim, the battery is very small and it’s not powerful. For heavier smokers, it only lasts 3–4 hours. Luckily, for light smokers, the battery lasts as long as about 7 or 8 hours. Another plus side of the small battery, though, is that it charges pretty quickly.
  • The battery is automatic: Although I don’t personally see this as a negative, some people prefer individual batteries that they can replace.
  • The cartridges cannot be refilled: The cartridges cannot be filled with separate e-liquid, so once they’re done, they have to be thrown out. (this is another reason for the limited flavors)
  • They can get hot: Like any other e-cig, taking a puff that’s too long can make the atomizer, and therefore the cartridge, very hot. Although it turns off automatically after 10 seconds, I did slightly burn my lips a few times.

Although there are a few things I didn’t like, I do think, overall, that the product is worth a try. As for the accessories, I think these are awesome and they definitely should be purchased along with the e-cig, as they complete the product.

Comments on each accessory in the Maximale Kit:

  • Fluted Charm Necklace: The Fluted Charm Necklace comes in both Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel. It’s a good item in terms of carrying around your e-cig, because you simply stick the jewel tip of the e-cig into the charm that dangles from the necklace and it hangs there, right beside you, in style. The only thing I’d say about it, is that the necklace has clasps to turn it into a bracelet, but I don’t think the clasps make the necklace look that great. Other than that, if it’s worn with the right outfit, it can be a really cute and functional accessory.
  • Charging Kit and Car Adapter: The Charging Kit comes with two pieces – the USB and a wall adapter. The cigarette plugs right into the USB port and it can then be plugged into a computer or any other USB port. The wall adapter allows you to charge it in a wall outlet – and it charges it quickly. The car adapter is great too, so you can charge your e-cig on the go.
  • Smartphone Clutch: When I took the leather Smartphone Clutch out of the bag, I could actually smell the leather (and I really love that smell). It comes in four colors – black, white, red, and purple (I have the purple one, and it matches my Deep Purple e-cig perfectly!). The clutch has slots in the front-zipper part to store Vapor Couture e-cig batteries and cartridges. There is a back-zipper area as well as credit-card slots, so you can store your cards, phone, a portable or metal Vapor Couture carrying case, and/or other small items. The clutch is thin, chic, and really elegant.
  • Portable Charging Case: Another item that I love! The Vapor Couture portable charging case is small and thin, so you can easily throw it in your pocket or bag and take it anywhere and charge your Vapor Couture battery. The case lights up when you slide it open, which is a really cool feature. The best feature is that there are lights on the back of the case that show you how much battery is left in both the case itself and the e-cig battery. The case also comes with a charging cable. The only complaint I have is that there are only two small slots in the case – so you can either carry only two batteries, or one battery and a few cartridges (also, the protective rubber that comes on the cartridges won’t fit in it, so they have to be removed). This item comes in Brushed Platinum, Rose Gold, and Deep Purple, so you can match any Vapor Couture battery.

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Overall, I recommend this product for the fashionistas, accessory mavens, style fanatics and beauty devotees. I'm giving it 4 stars because although there were a few things I didn't like, I still think the e-cigs and the accessories are a great buy. Yes, Vapor Couture’s e-cigs are safe and functional, but it’s not just about that. It’s about vaping and accessorizing in a chic and glamorous way. The Vapor Couture accessories are ideal for those who want to smoke in style, and, for them (and myself), they provide a way to accessorize like never before. Although they may not be the cheapest e-cigs on the market, the Vapor Couture website is always having sales and offering promo codes for customers. For those who are looking for style and aesthetic, Vapor Couture products make for a great investment.

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