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Review: Umbra sensor pump

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Umbra Sensor Pump


Umbra is an amazing brand with a plethora of products to offer in a healthy living sense. Their touch free sensor soap pumps are a great way to lessen the spread of germs, as with a gesture of your hand, you have the perfect amount of soap to clean your hands with. Sensor pumps are an amazing and very convenient way to cut the risk of germ exposure in the bathroom, one of the most germ infested rooms in your home. Umbra, in this case, is a life saver.

The Tidal Sensor Pump is a very stylish, satin black pump made for a fashionable bathroom, or anyone looking for a different eye-catching design. The pump delivers soap in an instant, with no left over or dripping soap after use. It also features a power button to lessen use of batteries if you will be away from home for any length of time.

Their Otto Sensor Pump has a more classic look to fit any setting. It too, has no after-drip when using, and works in a hot second. The pump features an excellent sized opening to put your favorite soap in with no chance of spilling. The sensor picks up your hand movement without having to try numerous times, which is great!

Umbra gets 5/5 stars for being an amazing and efficient brand with so much to offer to consumers.

Umbra is a Toronto-based housewares company born over 30 years ago when graphic designer, Paul Rowan, couldn't find a nice window shade to hang in his apartment window. So, he made one. And others liked it. He soon teamed up with childhood friend, Les Mandelbaum, and Umbra (in Latin, "shade") was born.

Today, Umbra is recognized all over the world for bringing thought and creativity to everyday items. An international team of in-house designers and global network make its original designs available in over 118 countries. A full collection can be seen in its Toronto flagship store and a newly opened store in Shanghai.