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Review: Tryst by Cambria Hebert

Cambria Hebert

Tryst by Cambria Hebert


Title: Tryst (Take it Off #8)
Author: Cambria Hebert
Source: Received through blog tour in exchange for an honest review


Sometimes all a girl needs is a little fling…

Talie Ronson needs a vacation.

From life.

Since she caught her cheating, loser husband in bed with his assistant, her life has been on a steady spiral—right into hell. Her car’s a junker, her job sucks, and her perfect, gorgeous sister likes to brag about her wonderful life every time they “do” lunch.

In an effort to salvage what’s left of her life and her sanity, she takes the advice of her kooky best friend and takes off to Topsail Island. A week at the beach, alone, is exactly what she needs to recharge, regroup, and relax.

Only, her alone time is about to get derailed.

Gavin Palmer’s favorite activity is walking around in his boxers and eating junk food. He and his neighbors have an understanding. They stay out of his business and he stays out of theirs. He lives at the beach, not for vacation, but for isolation. He’s had enough of people to last him a lifetime.

Gavin’s isolation is interrupted when his normally quiet neighbor starts disturbing his peace. He stomps across the sand to give the guy a piece of his mind… only it isn’t a guy.

It’s Talie.

She’d maddening, nosy, and talks too much.

But she’s hot and her bedroom eyes have him thinking maybe he’s had enough solitude. Maybe a week of company is exactly what he needs.

Maybe what they both need is a no-strings-attached tryst.

My review:

Tryst is book #8 in the Take It Off series by Cambria Hebert. This is the first book that I have read in this series, even though I have been dying to try this series out. Even though the author has said that you don't need to read these in any particular order, I was being stubborn and was going to wait until I had the money to buy the first book. I'm OCD like that, I just can't read things out of order. But then an opportunity came along – I got the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and I just couldn't pass it up.

This book is about a woman named Talie. Poor Talie – she has the worst luck. Ever. She comes home from work early to surprise her husband, and finds him in their bed having sex with his assistant. Then the next day she gets fired from her job. Her over-bearing sister is pressuring her to stay with her cheating jerk of a husband, but that's not what she wants at all. Her best friend convinces Talie to take some time to herself, and take a little vacation at the beach.

While staying at a beach house, she meets her handsome neighbor Gavin. They don't exactly get along. In fact, they drive each other nuts. They have an intense attraction though and agree on a no-strings attached fling while she's there. Except, Talie can't keep from feeling something for Gavin.

I really enjoyed the writing style of this book. Talie is a great character – she is so funny and there is humor throughout the entire story. Gavin was a very mysterious character. He kept to himself and Talie knew nothing about his life. I think it was a good idea to write the story from only Talie's point of view – that way the mystery behind Gavin's past remained throughout most of the book. I think that if the reader knew about it from the beginning, it wouldn't have been such a page turner.

Talie is such a klutz – it seemed like Gavin was always having to come to her rescue. I enjoyed the banter between these two. It seemed like they were always arguing. Their anger quickly turns to passion though, and things get really steamy. I can't wait to read the other books in this series, I'm sure they will be just as good. I've heard so many great things about all of these books.

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