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Review-“Time of Death” by Shana Festa- fight for survival against zombies begins

In the first book in the series, Festa taps into a zombie apocalypse where the character fights for survival

Time of Death by Shana Festa


In this first book of the series, we meet Emma who has a good life with her husband, Jake, and good friends at work. But one day, she gets a patient who is seemingly a routine bite, but it turns out that the bite is venomous (so to speak) and thus begins the fight against zombies as they go on the hunt for human flesh.

In the first novel from this new author, she really tackles the whole ‘what would you do if this happened?’ situation. While we all think we would be heroes like in Walking Dead, there are instances when of course that just won’t happen. We will have that moment where we will panic and do things they wouldn’t normally do. This book is no different.

The flow of the dialogue and the book is very smooth and engaging. After reading the book, I had read some other people’s reviews and a lot of them said that the dialogue was unbelievable at times because of the sarcasm was used. Personally, I think this worked. A lot of people use humor to deal with crazy situations so that they don’t have a panic attack. I’m sure there are a few people out there that would use humor and sarcasm to try and lighten mood (which probably would just make it worse).

The lead Emma is what I would like to call a card. She is funny and ridiculous at times, but can be strong when the time calls for it. She had to deal with a lot of loss in a short amount of time. I am sure that if she didn’t have her husband, she probably would have lost it. Yes there is some instances when you think that she has gone insane (I.e. how she is with her dog) but I believe that’s how some of us would act. I mean, how many people love their pets more then their children? Is it really a stretch that she would react this way for her dog?

This book is definitely not meant for the weak stomach. There are some scenes that I had to kind of move past because it got to be a little graphic. Not in a bad way, just in a way that I wasn’t really expecting. The scene where Emma and Jake try to save her friend through a broken glass window was almost too much and I think this book should come with a little bit of a warning about that stuff.

While the book is obviously fantasy as we have yet to have proof that zombies exist, it does press the issue of what would you do in the face of crisis? Would you step up and protect your family or hide and cower away from the zombies? People say that someone’s true character comes out in a time of crisis and this book certainly proves that.

Time of Death: Induction is available for Kindle and Nook and can be added to your Goodreads shelf by going here.

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