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Review: ‘The Trade’ premiere event in Orlando

Some photos from “The Trade” premiere event in Orlando
Some photos from “The Trade” premiere event in Orlando
Kat Coffin

“The Trade”


On Saturday, Indie short film “The Trade” had its premiere showing in Orlando. The cast and crew were joined by local Indie movie fans for the red carpet event at Premiere Cinema 14 at Fashion Square Mall.

Indie film ‘The Trade’
movie poster

The Indie film is the first collaboration between filmmaker/director Gerald J. Godbout III and producer/actor Dennis Jusino. Judging by reactions, it won’t be their last; in fact Jusino is now sporting a full beard in preparation for his next role in a Godbout film. This was Godbout’s first foray outside of his usual genre, horror.

“The Trade,” starring Dennis Jusino, Brittney Santos, Jimmy Dempster, Fran Rafferty, Allan Marrero, Justin Larsche and Michael Opal, is a terrific action/drama short film. It has a gripping story line with strong characters and one intense scene after another, right up until the very end.

There was a lot of cheering, laughter, applause and a little heckling going on during the screening as the actors sparred with each other on screen and off. Of course the off screen sparring was all in fun as their characters crossed paths in the movie.

It was an experience not to miss. It’s not everyday that movie fans get to watch a film surrounded by the cast and crew, many of them seeing it for the first time as well. As is the norm for a Godbout premiere screening, he passed out special awards to many of the cast and crew members at the event.

There was a crew there from Indie Cinema Showcase filming the event. They conducted several cast and crew interviews on the red carpet as well as throughout the lobby before the movie. They also interviewed several audience members as they exited the screening, getting all positive responses.

“The Trade” is a shining example of the amount of talent, skill and professionalism available in the Orlando film industry. The Orlando music community was also represented with two local bands, Ideal ZerO and Calefactor, having their music included in the film. Everyone on the short film should be very proud of the work they put into it.

Indie movie fans need to watch for it as it makes the festival rounds.