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Review: The Prettiots at Hotel Chantelle

The Prettiots played a set at Hotel Chantelle on April 17, 2014.
The Prettiots played a set at Hotel Chantelle on April 17, 2014.
Kate Spalla

The Prettiots at Hotel Chantelle


The Prettiots played an intro set at Hotel Chantelle in the East Village with as much power as a band could possibly pack into a three piece ukelele-fronted girl group. In a dark, cramped bar sans a stage and seemingly uncommon for live musical acts, The Prettiots' half hour set filled the room with lady power.

Kay Kasparhauer, Lulu Prat and Rachel Tratchenburg make up The Prettiots. Lulu, also of The Tangiers has been bandmates with Rachel since the days of Supercute!. In matching tie-dye frocks, the girls punched out a short catalog of indie pop songs about boys and dating.

The set had a good range of different sounds and moods from tropical pop rock on "Stabler" to the sultry and bass-heavy cover of "Pussy." A campy track, "Dreamboy" is the band's most polished piece. This was also the crowd's favorite and most recognized of the night at Hotel Chantelle.

At the end of the show, Kay led a rowdy and animated cover of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" with a completely fun, untamed and irreverent country twang. This seemed like Kay's favorite to play.

The band played well with solid technique for a new group. Vocals fell flat at times but only in the charming and quirky kind of way. Among an array of Tumblr-colorful, "loser, loser, double loser, whatever, get the picture duh!" vibes, the girls can really play and harmonize.

The Prettiots stream just a few studio recordings available on Soundcloud, and the band's music isn't yet available on Spotify. Through recent live sets around intimate New York City venues like Gramercy Theatre and Trash Bar, The Prettiots are meeting the city's music scene as an emerging band.

The Prettiots often announce upcoming shows via silly and fun handmade flyer graphics on the band's Facebook page. New recordings can be heard on Soundcloud.