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Review: The Melody by Soundcast

Melody Bluetooth Speaker by Soundcast Systems


I received the Melody from Soundcast after my CES adventure and immediately started using it. Unfortunately I was in the middle of moving and never had a chance to do a solid review of my new favorite toy, the Melody.

Melody Bluetooth Speaker from Soundcast
Nina Pena
Melody from Soundcast
Melody from Soundcast

When I un-boxed it I thought someone has sent me a R2D2 because of its shape plus I missed the email saying one would be coming my way. Imagine my surprise to find it to be a wireless speaker system; perfect for this audio fanatic!

The Melody is the latest Bluetooth® v3.0 technology from Soundcast’s portable all-weather music system. It boast 360º sound via Bluetooth with a 20 hour built-in rechargeable battery It also comes with an AC and automotive adaptor along with a carrying handle for extra portability. Pairing it was fairly simple especially with the keypad on the speaker. I just pressed the bluetooth button and it immediately synced to my iPhone.

I have had allot of fun with the Melody speaker system! I use it in the kitchen, in the bathroom (because I love to sing to music in the showerJ), at various parties, and on my roof top patio. I love the Proprietary Dynamic Power Amplification Technology with burst power that provides maximum power and battery efficiency to delivery high volume, distortion free audio to the 8 speaker system. Needless to say this little speaker makes some noise (I constantly get asked to turn it downL).

In the 2 months I have had the Melody speaker system I have tested it limits in sound and battery life and it stands up to what is advertised. What’s a review without pointing out a glitch or two? While having a party at my condo there were some moments of silence which I believe was due to trying to connect several phones via bluetooth. I haven’t had that issue when it’s just me using the system but fair warning it will bog the system down if 4 or more try to connect to it.

All and all this has been my favorite bluetooth speaker I have tested. The Melody can be purchased on their site for $449.00 or you can find a list or retailers for the Melody here.