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Review - The Inner Wizard – Messages From Your Higher Self

Message cards from your higher-self
Message cards from your higher-self
Orna Ben-Shoshan

the Inner Wizard by Orna Ben-Shoshan


Last year at this time, I reviewed The Alphabet for Lovers by Orna Ben-Shoshan. She has blessed me with a very different deck this year.

Originally published in Israel in 1990 by Jacob Roth and Libby Ram, The Inner Wizard remains a best seller. Orna Ben-Shoshan has revised, redesigned, and translated these wonderful cards to English.

The Inner Wizard Cards supply you with messages from your higher self. You don’t need a deck of cards to obtain guidance from your soul, but with these accurate and insightful cards, it is like receiving a note from your higher self.

The 84-card deck comes in a sturdy box, with a lift off lid. The card stock is of high quality and perfect size for shuffling. Also included is a one page instructional sheet, which tells a little about the cards, gives recommended spreads, and a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the astrology signs.

Each card offers a short, supportive note from your higher self, a choice proclamation and the astrological aspect related to your situation. This deck is great for daily draws, three card draws (past, present, future), or as an added note to a Tarot-based reading. The Inner Wizard can also supply guidance to directed question.

I recommend this deck to anyone who likes to start the day on a positive note. This deck is a good source for looking deeper into a situation or to a higher source for guidance.

Available at Kabbalah Insights


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