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Theatrical Poster for THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (2014)

The Grand Budapest Hotel


Who wouldn't want to be a lobby boy at The Grand Budapest Hotel? Certainly not Zero, the young protagonist of Wes Anderson's newest film. The Grand Budapest Hotel follows the shy, yet charming Zero through different periods of his life, all affected by his time at the Budapest and what he learned from his boss M. Gustave. Budapest is yet another adorably quirky movie from Anderson, with a wonderful cast and a great script.

Fans of Anderson's work are already familiar with his unique style of storytelling. The coloration of his films is always brilliant and his direction of his movies never disappoints. Therefore it is no surprise that The Grand Budapest Hotel is also strangely beautiful. From the very first frame, the colors draw you in and you marvel at the detail put into the set design. Of course, what really drives the story is the script. Zero, a new lobby boy at the hotel, is taken under the head concierge's wing, only to get more than he really bargained for. His new hero, M. Gustave H., drags him along on a strange journey to pay respects to many of the older women he "entertained" while they stayed at the Budapest. On the way, Zero finds love, danger, and himself. The script is fun and keeps you entertained as you travel through this fantasy land, although at points fantasy turns into small, ridiculous moments.

Budapest is stocked full of Anderson's fan favorites, as well as new faces like Tony Revolori, who plays Zero, and The Lovely Bones star Saoirse Ronan. All of the cast members are wonderful in their respective roles and certainly add to the magic that is The Grand Budapest Hotel. The only thing bothersome about the casting is the man playing an older version of Zero does not really look anything like the teenaged Zero the audience falls in love with for the majority of the film. They look like they are completely different races, causing a small but of confusion.

Wes Anderson puts out another great film with this newest creation. His creative view of storytelling and his marvelous cast make sure you have a hard time leaving The Grand Budapest Hotel behind.