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Review: The Fault in Our Stars

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The Fault in Our Stars


In 2012, young adult novelist John Green released his latest work, The Fault in Our Stars to overwhelmingly critical praise and commercial success. The novel has sold millions of copies and has been translated into many languages for overseas sale. The biggest challenge it faced however was translating the book to the silver screen. Thankfully, with a talented cast, strong script and assured direction, the movie version of The Fault in Our Stars succeeds in being a great film and a solid adaptation.

Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) is a 17 year old girl with thyroid cancer and a colony in her lungs, which requires her to carry and oxygen tank with a cannula permanently attached to her for support. Her parents (Laura Dern and Sam Trammel) make her attend a support group for other kids with cancer, which she does only to make them happy. One day however, Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) joins the group and both Gus and Hazel take a mutual interest to one another. A romance begins, and well this reviewer won’t spoil the rest for you.

The movie succeeds with superb acting, especially an award worthy performance from Woodley. Elgort is also fantastic playing Gus, with his assured yet vulnerable charm lighting up the screen with Woodley. The supporting cast is great as well, especially Laura Dern playing Hazel’s mother as well as Nat Wolff as another cancer stricken friend.

The Direction of Josh Boone was also phenomenal. Never does he try to over dramatize or exploit the story at hand (which could have been very easy). Boone and the writers understand this is a story of two people with disabilities but who are not defined by them, and it made for a great film.

Other technical aspects such as the cinematography were incredible as well, with some great shots coming even in the smallest moments.

Overall, The Fault in Our Stars deserves all off the stars, it truly is something to behold. As a caveat, bring tissues with you, you’re going to need them.

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