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Review: The Dollhouse, by Melanie Martinez

The Dollhouse, by Melanie Martinez


Melanie Martinez was a finalist on The Voice. She may not have won the competition, but US Weekly says she 'might be the show's first real breakout star'. Newsweek wrote that "Dollhouse" 'positions Martinez as an American version of Lorde'. This week, The Dollhouse EP was released. She is set to promote with a tour, with stops in Philadelphia, Norfolk, Nashville, Atlanta, Baltimore, and others.

Dollhouse EP-slide0
Photo by Michael Buckner
Melanie Martinez
Atlantic/Warner/Chappel Records

Read more about the tracks:

"Dollhouse" is the lead single which is launching Melanie as a solo recording artist. Just like the music video, the lyrics present Melanie speaking to a young girl, most likely her own inner-child. She describes the superficiality of happiness and how families, in this case her own, are not okay. Lyrically she discusses substance abuse, physical and emotional abuse, deceit and how parents affect children's emotional upbringing.

"Carousel" discusses romantic love. Melanie feels stuck loving someone whose love is not worth the ride. She sings 'And it’s all fun and games/ 'til somebody falls in love'.

"Dead To Me" is the most dark and violent of the tracks. 'I want to kill you/ That's the only way to get you out of my head/ Oh I need to kill you/ To silence all the sweet little things you said.' The acoustic introduction breaks the monotony of the electronica.

"Bittersweet Tragedy" is the last track of the EP, and it ends on a, well, bittersweet note. The track is morose, and heavy-minded. It reflects not only the theme throughout the EP, but the angst regarding love and its fairytale social connotations of having one's problems melt away or be fixed entirely. Melanie showcases herself as a wise lyricist and despite the simplicity of some of its diction, the track, as well as the EP, are cohesive, tangible yet extremely personal.

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