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Review: “The Dark Light of Day” - not your typical kind of love story

New stand-alone novel by T.M. Frazier has you at the edge of the seat wondering what will happen next

"The Dark Light of Day" by T.M. Frazier


This is a stand-alone novel by new comer T.M. Frazier. The book follows Abby as she learns that her Gran, the person who has taken care of her for the past few years has been killed in a way that doesn’t make sense. She is 17 and out of school with no where to go. She tries to trust Owen, someone’s she’s know from high school who was nice to her, but her past keeps him from getting to close. She doesn’t let anyone in.

That is until she meets Jake.

Jake is a tattooed bad boy who has trouble written all over him, but she can’t help but feel safe with him. Jake has his own baggage and own problems but is completely drawn to Abby. They start a broken, twisted relationship but exactly what they both need.

Abby’s bad luck continues to haunt her even when she finds happiness with Jake. She can’t seem to catch a break but she doesn’t let that stop her. She continues to break through the stuff that life throws at her and survives.

This book is definitely not your typical love story. Both Abby and Jake have troubled pasts with issues that they have to deal with everyday. With each other, they are able to build each other up and become the best versions of themselves.

The book does have some graphic scenes that involve rape that might be a little hard to read, but it’s important to read if you want to get Abby. Seeing her conquer her past and what she’s gone through helps you understand the decisions she makes and her as a character.

While Frazier did a good job at showing the violence and the hardships that Jake and Abby had to go through, but it would have been helpful to have more development in the relationship. For someone like Abby and what she went through as a child, it didn’t make much sense that she would just jump into any kind of relationship with Jake, especially considering how they met. Considering the book was only around 250 pages, another chapter or two of showing them together would have been more helpful to develop them and better to understand how they could change so drastically after meeting.

Abby as a character was fully developed but Jake could have used some more work. We know that he’s a dark person who has a dark life, but we only see glimpses of it. It would have been more fun if we had more, like at the end in the epilogue when we get Jake’s POV on a scene. While it was graphic, it gave us an insight to Jake’s psyche and was very entertaining to read.

Overall, it was a good start for T.M. Frazier’s book career. It’s a gripping story that will have you at the edge of your seat. Just a little more development in Abby and Jake’s relationship would have pushed the story to excellent, but considering this is her first book, she should be fine.

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