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My review of Vino Davis' THE COLDEST SEASON EVER!!!
My review of Vino Davis' THE COLDEST SEASON EVER!!!
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THE COLDEST SEASON EVER by author Vino Davis


Hurt. Feeling lost. Betrayed feelings. Doubt.

We've all been there, If we are fortunate we have family and friends to help us through the difficult times. For Vino Davis, he also has the world thanks to Facebook. In the book THE COLDEST SEASON EVER we are able to see him go through not just the challenges of a relationship but trying to hold on to his faith along the way.

The book was interesting to me for a couple of reasons. One was the fact that here was a man telling a side of the story that is not told enough: being cheated on, feeling betrayed and wondering what to do to make it right. It's a helpless feeling, especially as we are able to see Vino struggle with knowing the truth and not wanting to let it all go down the drain.

In one exchange with his wife we see glimpses of the book's title emerge. "I had never seen so much COLDNESS from someone who claimed they love you," he writes (p. 224) "You LOVE ME? But you LIE TO ME? You LOVE ME? But you CHEAT ON ME?... If THAT'S LOVE, THEN F*CK LOVE...I'M SURE GLAD YOU DON'T HATE ME...BECAUSE I WOULD HATE TO SEE THAT, IF THIS IS LOVE!!!"

During this time Vino tries to rely on God, but that is not easy when your world is falling apart around you. Not only does he have his prayer life, but thanks to Facebook he has a great cloud of supporters who are able to share with him encouraging words to get him through the difficult time.

Devotion Fullenwilder, as we are able to know her in the book tells Vino this: "God has spoken to you about your situation..Are you listening to Him? He has spoken to you, are you paying attention or is it you don't like His answer? Either way He has spoken to you...and He's not going to change His mind."

It's painful to accept, but it is the truth. And it is with that truth that Vino tries to move on---and now we are able to move on with him as we read this book that showcases faith, forgiveness and moving past the fear of the unknown.

Written as he lived it, Vino Davis' THE COLDEST SEASON EVER touches the heart and speaks to the soul.

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