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Review: The Bayonets' new album a crash, boom sassy rocker

Photos of The Bayonets (with Brian Ray) at their CD release party July 24 at No Vacancy in Hollywood.
Photos of The Bayonets (with Brian Ray) at their CD release party July 24 at No Vacancy in Hollywood.
Jill Jarrett - used by permission.

The Bayonets' "Crash Boom Bang!


Right off the bat, the Bayonets' just-released first album “Crash Boom Bang!,” pulls no punches. The album kicks off with the dynamite title song with its retro music hooks and serves notice that the group is out to rock.

The Bayonets - Oliver Leiber, Lucrecia López Sanz and Brian Ray.
MJ Kim - used by permission

The band features Paul McCartney guitarist Brian Ray, drummer and songwriting partner and co-producer Oliver Leiber, son of Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame songwriter Jerry Leiber of Leiber and Stoller fame and Lucrecia López Sanz of Argentina's Nube 9 on guitar and vocals. Ray has released two solo albums of his own in the past, “Mondo Magneto” and “This Way Up,” which racheted up the sparks with each album.

“Crash Boom Bang!” brings the intensity that much higher. The title cut single from the album has gone Top 10 nationally and is currently listed at #9 on Media Base's Classic Rock chart.

Among the album's loudest and hardest rockin' tracks are “Smartphone,” “Cotton Candy” and “Whatcha Got” where Leiber's drums are prominent and Ray's guitar and sassy vocals create a wall of sound. On the other hand, “Big Man Down” is a great slow gritty burner with a Western flavor.

The slow ballad “Vagabond Soul” features a special guest appearance by Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. “We were really lucky to have Steven Tyler sing harmony with me and an amazing ripping blues harmonica solo," Ray said an interview. "He came into sing a harmony and ended up singing a whole wall of Steven Tyler.” The song itself calls up reminders of the Rolling Stones with Tyler's Keith Richards-type vocals that also have a couple of Beatles touches for good measure.

Like the album's title says, “Crash Boom Bang!” is a turn-it-up and blast-your-neighbors type of album. Who knows where the Bayonets will take it from here? Wherever it is, it looks like it could be quite a fun ride.