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Review: Taste and welcome the new season with La Madeleine’s spring menu

Taste and welcome the new season with La Madeleine’s spring menu  -slide0
Sandra Perez

La Madeleine's Spring Menu


Spring is here, but so are cloudy and rainy days. It’s everything but gloomy at La Madeleine’s though, as they have rolled out their spring menu. Last week, I was graciously invited to try out their spring menu items that they recently brought back. I knew I would be trying a couple of plates, but they served me every spring item on the list! Needless to say, I was stuffed, but couldn’t wait to stop by again.

Taste and welcome the new season with La Madeleine’s spring menu
Sandra Perez

Dinner began with La Madeleine’s Mini Croque. This plate includes three mini croques:

  • The Balsamic Chicken and Pesto Croque – marinated chicken, herb-filled pesto, and Swiss cheese, stuffed in sourdough. Although a great combo of flavors (loved the Swiss cheese and chicken), the other two croques are good enough to forget all about this one.
  • The Turkey, Bacon and Tomato Pesto Croque – smoked turkey, crispy bacon, provolone, and tomato pesto in sourdough. Bacon? Yes, please! It definitely adds the crunchy bite needed to perfect this tasty trio.
  • And my favorite, The classic French Croque Monsieur – ham and Swiss cheese with garlic cream sauce inside a seven-grain bread. I’m a ham lover; below you’ll see that the pasta with ham was also my favorite. This dish can be customized, so next time I’ll be getting the French Croque Monsieur for all three minis!

The three mini croque’s come with a side cranberry pecan salad that looks just like the spring season itself, fresh and inviting. I only didn’t finish the salad because there were more plates on the way, but it’s a must-have. The salad is available on its own or topped with marinated chicken, perfect for stopping by for a quick bite.

Next up were four plates of pastas:

  • The Pesto Pasta – It can be served with either chicken or shrimp. Mine came with shrimp and I loved it. My husband accompanied me to this food review and, with background as a chef, couldn’t stop complimenting this pasta, saying the shrimp was divine.
  • The Tomato Pasta Provencal – I have to say I enjoyed this one the least. The tomato sauce was too overwhelming for my taste; it even took over the aroma. The flavor of the chicken was lost in the strong tomato sauce. This can also be served with shrimp.
  • The Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta – While my husband loved the Pesto Pasta, my preferred of the four is this one. It combines several of my favorites: bowtie pasta, chicken, peas, ham, sautéed red bell peppers, all in gruyere cream cheese sauce! A mixture of great flavors, the taste of bell peppers was just the perfect touch. If you go to La Madeleine for one thing, this is the plate I strongly recommend!
  • Pasta la Madeleine – Wild mushroom sauce with chicken, broccoli, and tomatoes (chicken can be substituted for shrimp). I’m very picky when it comes to mushrooms and mushroom sauce. It has to be done a certain way for my taste buds to accept it, and boy did they accept it. This pasta doesn’t fall far behind my #1 pick (the cordon bleu pasta). My mouth waters just remembering the warm sauce with the soft chicken.

Everything was served to us by the very courteous Susan Dederen, la Madeleine’s chef and brand’s vice president of culinary! Dederen was very excited and proud to share all of these exquisite menu items. We were treated to a glass of their chardonnay and merlot. The merlot was my husband’s favorite; he enjoys strong, zesty wine. It was very vivid and made its presence known. I enjoyed the chardonnay though; it has a softer, juicy savor.

Dinner concluded with dessert. We had the Lemon Cream Cake and the Lemon White Chocolate Cookie. I’m not the biggest fan of lemon treats, but my mind has been completely changed. These two treats were delicious, packed with flavor. The cake was citrusy, but just the right amount, not overwhelming or acidy at all. Moist and soft to perfection. And the cookie…don’t get me started on the cookie. I have to return and pick some up for my mom, she loves lemon treats and I know this will be her new favorite.

I’m very glad I had the opportunity to try this menu out. If you’re in the mood to add some spring season into your edible life then stop by La Madeline’s! You won’t regret it.

The location I visited: la Madeleine, 3072 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75205

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