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Review: SyFy's 'Scarecrow' offers average thrills



The SyFy original movie “Scarecrow” arrives on DVD February 25th. The film is different from SyFy’s usual slate of low budget CGI-enhanced portmanteaus such as “Sharknado” and “Arachnoquake.” It’s a straightforward horror film starring Lacey Chabert (“Party of Five”). Unfortunately, it’s a bit too generic for its own good.

Promotional stills and images from the SyFy original movie "Scarecrow" starring Lacey Chabert.
Promo Editorial Image from Cinedigm

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The scarecrow in question is an urban legend told by some teenagers at a small town’s Scarecrow Festival, which includes the memorable nursery rhyme:

It never sleeps,
It never dies,
It can’t be stopped,
hear their cries.
The Scarecrow lives to kill us all.
Keep it buried in the fall.

Yes, there's a moment where children are reciting the nursery rhyme. A chipper DJ recites it as well, and it’s pretty funny.

On the eve of the festival, a teacher and six of his students go to retrieve the original scarecrow used in the town’s very first celebration. Lacey Chabert plays a woman whose family owns the land, who once dated the teacher (of course). Throw in another love interest, and it’s romantic complications galore, until they’re thrown out a few minutes later once the scarecrow comes back to life. Once the Scarecrow is resurrected, loud bloody hijinks ensue.

With SyFy’s original movies, you know what you’re going to get: low budgets, a few thrills and about 90 minutes of entertainment. High art, this is not. However, grading on the SyFy curve, “Scarecrow” is one of SyFy’s better offerings, and nowhere near the worst (“Arachnoquake” . . .oy). There are no moments of outright badness in “Scarecrow.” The film’s ultra-low budget hurts it at times (I’m pretty sure they just ran through the same 10 feet of corn over and over), but the acting and direction are surprisingly decent, as far as these things go.

If you’ve never seen a horror film before, you’ll likely be amazed by “Scarecrow.” Unfortunately, if you have a basic knowledge of horror film tropes, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. This film is aggressively average. On a scale from “Arachnoquake” to “Ghost Shark,” SyFY’s “Scarecrow” lands firmly in the middle.

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A/V Quality

The film is shot well compared to other SyFy fare, but the visual clarity is strictly TV movie-level.


No extras.

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