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Review ‘Sniper Elite 3: Hunt the Grey Wolf’ DLC - one life for millions

'Sniper Elite 3: Hunt the Grey Wolf' DLC Review: one life for millions
'Sniper Elite 3: Hunt the Grey Wolf' DLC Review: one life for millions
'Sniper Elite 3: Hunt the Grey Wolf' DLC Review: one life for millions (photo courtesy of

Sniper Elite 3: Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC


Everyone is now free to live out one of the greatest time travel philosophical questions; what if we went back in time to stop the most evil leader the world has known?

Available via Steam, PSN, and Xbox Marketplace, the new DLC titled Hunt the Grey Wolf, for the recently released Sniper Elite 3 takes players to a familiar backdrop of a north African town under control of Nazi forces. Our hero is to survey, recon, and gather intelligence on the possible visitation from the Fuhrer, and ultimately decide the fate of the Reich ruler.

This pack, which was available to most that preordered Sniper Elite 3, drops players square in a map that easily fits the rest of the title, without leaving too much to the imagination. Players must first find some evidence that Adolf Hitler will indeed be traveling through the area. Easy enough is the task, as it hinges on tactics most have used and honed throughout the main campaign, or multiplayer. After sneaking around, distracting, or otherwise dispatching sentries, players find evidence that Hitler not only is a vegetarian, but enjoys eating with his right hand, making identifying the target none the more difficult, as our target is fairly easy to spot.

Once all the evidence has been gathered needed to discern any possible deception or body double scenarios, the player is made to choose one of two vantage points. One such vantage point is on a roof, providing a direct line of sight as well as being closer to the target, while the second is a higher vantage point with mostly clear sightlines. The decision appeared to be quite arbitrary, as both are more than enough to get the requisite shot off, and you should only need one.

Taking the shot and its inherent difficulty will largely depend on the skill chosen in the menus, realistic ballistic and enemy difficulty surely will provide more challenge, while those just simply wanted to blow Hitler’s skull to pieces can easily replay their sick fantasy to their hearts content. After taking the shot, the player is tasked with escaping without taking too much damage. This task proves mostly easy if playing cautious, but can also be completed by going loud. It is worth noting that players can also choose not to take the shot, with the post-mission cut scene spewing the revelation that the player has no idea if they should have taken the shot, and never will.

Hunt the Grey Wolf is simply more of the same, and while we reviewed Sniper Elite 3 positively, it doesn’t offer much in the way of additional content. Make no mistake, killing Hitler provides some catharsis, but not any other valuable content such as weapons, attachments, or secondary weapons. The pack appears to be something to simply attract those that want to murder a historical figure, albeit quite evil, and secure preorder numbers pre-launch.

Surely future content will deliver much more in the way of heart and soul, and players can hope that future DLC releases won’t simply be mission updates. If 505 and Rebellion want to ensure longevity in the title, they’ll release more interesting content along the way, and to truly capture and retain players, would do well to vary the locations and color palette.

While it can’t be said that Hunt the Grey Wolf is a revelation, it is truly one of the missions that people may remember the game for. Friends will ask, “Isn’t that the game where you shoot Hitler’s balls?”, and they’d be right. This mission in particular is a great showpiece for what the full campaign is and represents, but may perhaps not be worth the funds required if not already preordered or otherwise attained.

Examiner was provided with a copy of 'Hunt the Grey Wolf' compliments of 505 Games and Rebellion studios for review purposes.

Sniper Elite 3 earned a 4/5 from