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Review: Smoothie King’s veggie smoothies

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Smoothie King's Veggie Blend Smoothies


A new line of smoothies has arrived to Smoothie King: Veggie Blends. This seems like the perfect option for those picky eaters who want to get their daily veggie intake or for the busy-bees. Do they taste any good though? And just how healthy are these smoothies? Smoothie King recently sent me a gift card to go check out their latest smoothie additions.

The Veggie Blend smoothies are Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream, and Carrot Kale Dream. I decided to try both the Apple Kiwi Kale and the Carrot Kale Dream.

Carrot Kale Dream nutritional facts: the ingredients include carrots, kale, bananas, orange juice, apple juice, and vanilla protein blend. Calories are 222, Saturated fat is zero, sugar is 40g, and protein is 4g. Described by Smoothie King as “A mighty full serving of veggies plus our Slim & Trim Vanilla Protein Blend for a strong body with fearless immunity.”

The Carrot Kale Dream taste mostly like bananas, it is almost the only recognizable flavor. This should take the fear away of anyone who is hesitant to trying veggies. While the vegetables are not fresh, they aren’t artificial, so that’s a plus. The kale (and almost all veggies and fruits) are pureed and frozen to last longer.

Apple Kiwi Kale nutritional facts: the ingredients include kale, apple juice, kiwi juice blend, bananas, and electrolyte mix. Calories is 277, saturated fat is zero, sugar is 62g (yikes!), and protein is 1g. Desbried by Smoothie King as “Deliciously defending your immune system with tangy Vitamin C and free-radical fighting antioxidants. Go Green!”

The Apple Kiwi Kale is very sweet, and again the presence of kale is undetected. Because it’s so sweet, I have to say this one is my favorite!

Super nutritious? Not compared to a fresh smoothie we can make at home, but it sure beats chocolate milk and a donut, or any fast food place we often stop by for a quick bite. Check out any of these three new smoothies, even veggie haters might fall in love!