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Review: Sin City Goddess by Barbra Annino

Sin City Goddess


What if the ancient gods walked among us? What if our actions or the path we take is not determined by our own choices but guided by a mythical hand? This is just one of the premises explored in the first book of the new series by Barbra Annino, "Sin City Goddess".

Darker than the "Stacy Justice" series, this is an auspicious beginning to the author's new series. Unfortunately for me, this is a very difficult review to write. I can't tell you much about Tisiphone without giving too much away. I can't tell you about the villain...except to say that plot twist will knock your socks off!! There's even a special guest in the book...but again, I really can't say much without it being a spoiler. I'll let the book description speak for itself:

"Tisiphone loves spending her days playing poker in the underworld, far away from mortals and all the trouble they cause—and all the terrible mistakes they make. Unfortunately for this goddess, her sister Alecto has vanished in Las Vegas—and the gods of Olympus believe only Tisi can find her and bring her back. To make matters worse, they force her to partner up with a mortal: recently deceased FBI agent Archer Mays. With all these challenges, how can a Fury keep her temper?

On their quest to track down the missing goddess, Tisi and Archer battle danger, demons, and even their simmering attraction to one another—until a sinister plot unfolds that could devastate humans and gods alike. Now, Tisiphone must set everything right within a few days, or find herself trapped in the mortal world she despises…forever.

From the author of the enchanting Stacy Justice series comes the first book in her brand-new Secret Goddess series: a book that proves hell hath no Fury, because she’s in Las Vegas."

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