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Review: Sam Houston American Straight Whiskey

A bottle of Sam Houston American Straight Whiskey

Sam Houston American Straight Whiskey


Today we’ll be examining Sam Houston American Straight Whiskey. This is a relatively new product to the American whiskey market. As there’s not exactly a plethora of information regarding it, we’ll go by what is provided by the producer, Western Spirits. Western Spirits explains that it is a whiskey produced by Three Springs Bottling Company in Bowling Green, KY and it is created using Bourbon via the product’s website. As to how it is produced with Bourbon or what Bourbon is employed is not specified. It is assumed that it is the Sam Houston Bourbon product.


Considering there is not a great deal of information about this whiskey, one may think Western Spirits is withholding information because it is an inferior product. This is frankly not so. Although the nose of the whiskey is a tad on the youthful side with an alcoholic burn, there are still the requisite oak barrel flourishes such as caramel and vanilla. These notes are also noted on the product’s website. The flavor is what establishes Sam Houston as a high-quality product. It is sweet, smooth, and although the smoky oak, vanilla, and caramel make their appearances here as well, a finish of cherry and chestnuts closes out the sip.

Unfortunately, there honestly isn’t much more going for this whiskey in the aroma or tasting categories. Fortunately, there doesn’t need to be. What this whiskey excels at is standing in place of rye or Bourbon whiskey for mixed drinks. It is affordable, high-quality, smooth, tastes very lovely, and does not contain any distinct characteristics to make it stand out too terribly in your favorite whiskey cocktails. I picked up a bottle at KP Liquor at 2129 2920 Rd, Suite 150 in Spring, TX 77388 for $24.99.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Suggested Tasting Method: In a Manhattan, or your favorite whiskey cocktail of choice


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