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Review: ReStyle, a consignment shop

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ReStyle is a consignment shop located in the Sherwood Forest strip mall area with plenty of free parking. Sherwood Forest is near the boundaries of Windsor Heights, Clive, and Urbandale. It carries home decor and children, women's, and men's clothing and accessories. Compared to other consignment shops, I would rate this one higher than others because the fixtures are closer to what you would find in a full retail store, with the merchandise being less crowded on the rack and more brand exclusive.

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As a shopper. The prices are consistent with other area consignment shops -- $5 was the lowest price I found for a shirt. The inventory is curated to a higher standard than other stores that I have visited, which allows a reasonable amount of room to slide hangers on the fixture rod. Many stores have clothing packed so tightly that the fixtures are almost unshoppable.

Browsing in this store is fairly easy. Sizes are located on racks, and clothing is sorted by color on that rack. There are red line tags with lowered prices as well as a 'quick sale' rack. The store is in a small space and the racks are close together. Fitting rooms are available. Although the store is on one level and the parking lot has a cutout ramp, the closeness of the racks makes the space rather inaccessible. An umbrella-style stroller might work in this store, but I would advise no stroller if possible.

As a seller. Sellers should follow store guidelines -- clothing must be less than two years old and in excellent condition. The store accepts offers during business hours, makes a bid, and expects you to pick up the leftovers within 48 hours. Cash if given if you accept; high end items will be taken as consignment. The store accepts clothing from all seasons all year round. Other online reviews reveal that the store is very picky about its inventory.

For more information, visit the store's Facebook page, where coupons and photos are posted occasionally. For questions, the phone might be the best option as the Facebook page shows slow response times (several days).