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Review: “Rebel” by Amy Tintera- action packed ending to duology

"Rebel" by Amy Tintera is an action packed thriller that you won't be able to put down once you start it

Rebel by Amy Tintera


The second book of the Reboot series picks up right where the first one left off. Callum and Wren had just escaped the HARC agency and were on the run. They run into other rebel Reboots led by Micah. He is a high level Reboot, but not as high as Wren. Instantly, he likes her for her number but quickly sees that she is not like many other reboots where they don’t want to get revenge on the humans or HARC for trying to kill them.

When Callum and Wren learn what Micah wants to do, they come up with a plan to try and escape and save the humans from destruction and stop a war between them but things go away quickly as someone in their own group betrays them and Wren and Callum find themselves in trouble as they are separated.

How little do Riley and HARC underestimate Wren and Callum’s relationship as they stop at nothing until they are back together. They fight strong individual and are stronger together. But as the book comes to a close, they see that maybe their strength may not be enough to save them this time.

Rebel is just as action packed as the first book. You really need to pay attention to the small detail that Tintera writes about in order to fully understand how the Reboot humans are thinking and why they are thinking that way.

Wren develops greatly in this book and really comes into her own. She was someone who always followed the rules and did what she was told but we got to see as her love for Callum changed her and made her realize that she has compassion for other people and can do what is right. She starts to see that everything that there is more things important in life then just following orders.

Callum really comes into his own in this story. In this story, we get to see things through his side and really get to understand just how the world sees Wren. We had only seen what she sees and it’s a lot different. He’s the solid one in the couple as he knows that he has to step up and take charge. It’s nice to see that change of pace and see that he’s not that weak person that we met in Reboot.

Tintera really knows how to get you hooked in the book. The story starts off with a quick pace and doesn’t stop until the very end. While there are some ‘down times’ where there isn’t any action, Tintera was able to keep you intrigued as she developed Callum and Wren’s relationship while also throwing some nice surprises in there.

The story is an action packed, thrilling ride as we get to see the Reboots stand up for what is right and fight back against being controlled. It’s a story about standing up for what’s right and how no one person is better or more important then someone else. It’s about free will and desires and not being forced to do something that we don’t want to.

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