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Review: RazzleDazzleMe Ear Cuff

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RazzleDazzleMe Ear Cuff


Roslyn LaDuke of RazzleDazzleMe is an amazing artist! The amazing ear cuffs available on her Etsy page are both affordable and insanely fashionable. The Sterling Ear Cuff Wrap Swarovski Pearl. It is made of 20 gauge silver artistic wire that is stiff enough to stay on but is flexible enough to bend easily to better fit the ear. She adds a 4mm swarovski white pearl for an added flair on an already beautiful piece.

Its not difficult to understand why RazzleDazzleMe is a 5 star page. All of her jewelry is fashion forward, with knuckle wrings and anklets, and the fact that it's hand made shows that Roslyn truly cares about the quality of the pieces. The cuff is so comfortable you forget that you are wearing anything on your ear! She also works with customers if they prefer custom pieces.

Ear cuffs are easy to put on and take off the ear. Start on the outside of the ear just above the ear lobe and gently slide the ear cuff over the ear until it fits into the inner part of the ear. You can adjust the ear cuff up or down and stretch or squeeze the ear cuff slightly for a better fit. You don't need pierced ears to wear the cuffs.

Roslyn's story in her own words:

"My grandmother was a beautiful seamstress. I hated sewing. My mother could crotchet and knit, but they made me tense. My husband and brother were master woodworkers, but the lathe and saws scared me. My other brother could paint. I draw like a five year old.

My husband loves to create so he finally dragged me to a jewelry class. I told him I would go but I would never get hooked on making jewelry. One class was all it took. From that day on, I have seen designs in my head and worked hard to create them. I am addicted to making jewelry and all the jewelry in my shop is handmade by me. It has changed the way I look at the world and it has changed me. (I hope for the better)!"

You can follow Roslyn on Twitter and Pinterest!



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