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Review: Parigot, an unexpected pleasure

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parigot Bistro, 155 Grand Street, NYC


When an opportunity to do something new comes along, New Yorkers are always ready to grab at it. Variety is the spice of life, so when this reviewer had a chance to eat at Parigot recently, it was a welcome diversion.

On a mid-week evening, the bistro was comfortably full with a respectable level of noise from tables full of happily conversating adults. At the bar, goblets of red wine were freely poured to the delight of all involved. Good food is a given, but good atmosphere is harder to build. here was the sense of being in a place where you didn't need to prove anything, just eat, drink, and be merry.

The bar menu was just right for the impromptu visit. A two cheese plate featuring a mouth-wateringly creamy brie and mellow goat cheese arrived on a clean with rectangular plate with apple slices and a small pile of salad greens. After much happy urging, a plate of foies gras was presented as well, served with toast. The slice pink-beige meat was steaked with pale, buttery yellow fat and was as smooth and creamy as your dreams. Spread on toast with the accompanying quince jelly, it was perfection. These two dishes alone had me praising Chef Michel Pombet to the skies.

Eating at Parigot is like taking a quick French vacation, but then you can take the subway home.

Open from 11am to 11pm, Parigot is a wise choice for a first date or a friendly lunch, or just because you want an omelette and a glass of wine. Conveniently located at 155 Grand, you can reach them via the J,6, N, R, Q or A trains. View their menu and contact information here: