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Review: Original Sin #0 (2014)

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Original Sin #0


Zero issues are used in the comic book industry to (re)tell an origin story or (in this case) provide a prologue to a weightier, more engrossing comic book event. It is rare for prologue issues to provide such a rich emotional experience; more often than not, they are strictly informative— Setting up readers to the conflict, cast of characters, and series’ emphasis.

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However, “Original Sin #0” breaks this mold by conveying a terse sense of emotion between the issue’s protagonists, Nova and Uatu (aka The Watcher), and their complicated relationship with their respective fathers. It does this in a relatively short span while simultaneously imparting readers with the information that they need. Narratively this can be a difficult task to accomplish.

Mark Waid builds the rough outline for “Original Sin” wonderfully, while keeping true to two of Marvel’s more popular characters. His framework sets up and gives the reader with the necessary knowledge to enjoy and read the rest of “Original Sin” with minimal confusion, but as aforementioned he wraps up these key details in an emotional tale that reveals the motives of these complex, rich characters.

Jim Cheunh and Paco Medina round out the issue’s creative team by depicting Nova, The Watcher, and the expanded Marvel Universe in the same way that readers have come to know and love. The styling of these elements are akin to that of the ongoing series of Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, and even some of the exploits of Hickman’s Avengers’ titles that have spun out into the cosmos in recent months. This level of detail provides an underlying cohesion to Marvel’s titles and overall universe.

“Original Sin #0” is a stellar read that lays out the necessities to read the rest of the mini-series as well as giving readers an emotional experience that is often sought after but rarely achieved. The writing is standout, and the art and coloration are inline with expectations. If you catch any comic book mini-series this year, make it Marvel’s “Original Sin.”