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Review: Organic teas that should be in your collection, part two

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Organic Tea


Teaposy: Teaposy boasts some of the most beautiful blooming teas the eye can behold. And they taste as good as they look! The perfect Teapot to watch your blooming tea unfold in is the Daydream Glass Teapot, which has a filter in the spout. These teas make great centerpieces, conversation pieces and of course bonding moments with you and your family and friends.

Culinary Teas: This tea company has tastes among the likes of White Chocolate Mousse, and a great selection of Green, Chai, Herbal, White, Rooibos and Black. The tea tastes exquisite, and you may even give up your after dinner piece of chocolate after having this delicious sip of sweetness!

Tea forte: Tea Forte has a special line dedicated to beauty! It's called Skin-Smart. This collection includes tastes like swiss apple, honey yuzu, cherry marzipan, cucumber mint, and lychee coconut. All with amazing skin benefits, the progressive teas support the detoxifying effect of abundant plant-based polyphenols and catechins, a strong tool in skin recovery and the fight against visible signs of skin aging. Noteable pieces from their teaware include the easy to use Kati tea brewing system cup which is a must if your new to loose leaf, and the Pugg ceramic teapot is absolutely gorgeous, and very durable.

Chado Tea Room: The Chado Tea Room is the tea shop that has revolutionized tea drinking in the Los Angeles area. And now, online, tea drinkers across the globe have access to the over 300 different types of specialty teas that are available in Chado Tea Rooms. A great collection of tea is Aging-Gracefully with tea by Reena Shah includes decadent chai teas with excellent anti-aging properties.

Revolution Tea: With full-leaf teas, select herbs, real fruit pieces, essential oils and all natural flavors. This is what makes Revolution different. First to produce single-serving full-leaf tea bags, Revolution has over a decade of experience sourcing ingredients from experts and estates in more than 19 countries. Working with people around the globe to find the finest ingredients has also enabled us to establish dedicated distribution and loyal customers in more than 30 countries. Revolution has amazing flavors such as orange chocolate, peach mango, southern mint, golden chamomile, honeybush caramel, sweet ginger, and citrus spice.