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Review: Oregano oil to heal a sore throat

Oregano oil purchased from whole foods for my sore throat
Esperanza Dodge

Oregano Oil from Vitality Works


Oil of Oregano has so many health benefit claims, its no wonder that people are raving about it. I've had my own personal success with oil of oregano for a sore throat. I never even knew about oil of oregano or its benefits until I took a trip to Whole Foods in which I asked the guy in the medicine section for an alternative to antibiotics. He referred me to a bottle of Oregano Oil by Vitality Works. It says carvacrol 70- professional strength. A bottle of 60 liquid veggie caps costed me around $18. I was hesitant to spend that much on herbs to heal my sore throat but at the time was between insurance plans so I had no other choice. I chose this over the liquid drops because I was told it would burn my throat. Although it is very expensive, I have to say that I thought it was worth it because it actually worked.

The instructions were at such: "Generally: 1 veggie cap 1-3 times daily with water. Acute: 2-3 veggie caps 3 times daily with water." I decided to go the acute route. For the first 48 hours my sore throat continued without lessening the pain. By the 3rd day I could feel a noticeable difference. By the 4th day it was significantly better that I could finally eat without being in pain. By the 5th day it was nearly gone, but not completely, so I reduced it from 3 to 2 capsules per dose. I've tried this same routine a year later and got very similar results. I couldn't tell you if I would have got the same results without using the oil of oregano at all or not.

After looking up more about this herb online, I saw many health claims ranging from healing throat and ear infections to headaches, skin conditions, allergies, sinus pain and even reducing symptoms of the common cold. I also read that it is unsafe for pregnant and lactating women. I understand this may not work for everyone. If you're interested in trying it, be sure to do your research first and talk with health professionals and/or herbalists that you trust for accurate advice on health concerns.