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Review: “Oppistion” by Jennifer Armentrout - love conquers all in the finale

The finale book in "The Lux" series by Jennifer Armentrout is filled with pain, anguish, heartbreak, but proves that love can conquer all
The finale book in "The Lux" series by Jennifer Armentrout is filled with pain, anguish, heartbreak, but proves that love can conquer all

Opposition by Jennifer Armentrout


In the final book in the series, Katy and Daemon must deal with the impending war between the Luxen and the human race. All the decisions that they have made up to this far will come back to haunt them (in a good and a bad way) and the war brings light to people and bonds Katy and Daemon but can their love be enough?

It said that in times of turmoil, people’s real colors are shown. This book shows that about everyone of the characters. The war is imminent and in their faces. Everyone knows what is at stake, but it seems to be higher for Daemon as it’s his race they are fighting against.

Katy and Daemon’s love for one another is apparent in the story as we see these two use each other’s strength to get through the war especially when all the chips are down. Each of them have to deal with a heartbreak and no doubt if they didn’t have each other, they would have fallen apart. The 360 that these two characters have done since the first book is amazing and definitely one of the best couple developments read in recent time.

The best thing about Armentrout’s writing style is that you can see a little bit of herself in the characters. There are moments that were very dark in the story, but Katy and Daemon were able to make jokes and try and lighten the mood. Some of the references that were made (mainly the multiple Harry Potter ones) are definitely Armentrout’s way of writing as she likes to quote that series in her social media.

The hard part about ending a series is doing it in a satisfying manner. A lot of authors like to do a shocking event that leaves you with something to talk about with your friends. Every good series has it and this one is no different. When it happens, you are going to yell at the story, cursing Armentrout out.

This is a great series and while it does dabble on the supernatural side, it’s the love story between Katy and Daemon that pull the story together. You can not be into supernatural stuff and still love this story. Katy and Daemon are perfect for one another that we wish that we could find love like them. It’s their love that gives us hope and lets us know that love can truly conquer all.

Opposition is available as paperback, hard cover, and can be purchased on the Kindle or the Nook.

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