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Review: One's Aspect to the Sun by Sherry D. Ramsey

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One's Aspect to the Sun


In November 2013, Tyche Books released the space drama One's Aspect to the Sun by budding new author Sherry D. Ramsey. It is an intricate story filled with mystery, danger and the raw adventure many readers expect in their science fiction. But what Ramsey does most successfully here is create real characters that could exist in almost any universe.

The story’s hero is Captain Luta Paixon, a determined woman who leads the ragtag yet loyal crew aboard the cargo ship called the Tane Ikai across the galaxy via a difficult map of wormholes. With the help of a medically induced type of immortality, the eighty-four year old captain lives the life of a person in her thirties.

The pace picks up quickly from the start as Paixon begins a frantic search for her mother, a geneticist who disappeared over half a century earlier. As the corporate powers try to get their hands on the technology that allows humans to live so long, the mystery of the elder woman’s disappearance becomes more prevalent. But when Paixon’s own DNA becomes yet another target of the corporate agents, the hunters become the hunted in a circular adventure of mayhem.

What makes the characters in the story so comfortable is the realistic persona each possesses, particularly in the crew of the Tane Ikai. Shipmate Rei, engineer Viss Feron, navigator Yuskeye Blue and communications officer Baden Methyr all have a familiar report with each other and makes the dialogue and occasional banter enjoyable. The years of experience of Captain Paixon mixed with charismatic characters like Methyr gives the readers the feel of a cohesive crew that has been around for a while.

The author’s experience with technical aspects familiar to science fiction fandom is evident of a beginning author, but the overall complexity of the story would be a daunting task for even the most experienced writer. So don’t be fooled by the rawness of the plot in this first attempt, Sherry D. Ramsey definitely has the tools to become a force in the genre. And as long as publisher Tyche Books continues to show their dedication in producing quality works by new authors, books like One's Aspect to the Sun will continue to impress readers.