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Review of Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising


There are not many Pagan movies out there that are not witch fantasy, a documentary or actually about Christian view of Paganism. Valhalla Rising is none of those and although it is a fictional film, it is filled with Pagan ideas and commentary through out the movie. In fact, the main character of the film can be easily identified as the Norse god Odin or “Old One Eye” as he is referred to in Valhalla Rising.

This Danish film came out in 2009 and was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn who’s career as a director really got its start in 1996 with the movie Pusher. Although it is not clear what Refn’s religious views are, you can be sure that he is anything but a Christian based on his views and the films that he has directed over the years. Valhalla Rising may not have had the highest budget to work with but Refn did wonders with the film that would make any Pagan proud. To view the BBC interview with Refn about Valhalla Rising click here.

Essentially, Valhalla Rising is a film about One Eye and a slave boy named Are who go through many trials together that forms a bond that is similar to a father and son. The film starts out in beautiful Scotland where One Eye and Are are owned by a Norse chieftain named Barde. One Eye is a sort of warrior with beyond human strength and is forced to fight to earn Barde money and Are is a sort of care taker for One Eye. Barde and his Vikings meet their fate, which sends One Eye and Are out on their own together.

The film is a must see for Pagan’s and the open minded as they are very clear on their view of Christianity and although it is subtle, there are many historical references through out the movie that will get your attention quickly.

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