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Review of Trademark Tavern

Ribeye & Chorizo Nachos!
Ribeye & Chorizo Nachos!
Hungry Z



By definition a trademark is a distinctive characteristic by which a person or thing comes to be known. So if you name a restaurant Trademark Tavern one would assume that this is a tavern by which all other taverns should be judged by. Hmmm…let’s see if that holds true. Located in Lombard, Trademark Tavern was started by two business partners who felt there weren’t enough quality places in the ‘burbs’ to entertain clients that didn’t cost a fortune.

When you first step in the restaurant you automatically feel comfortable. Warm lighting, lots of HDTV’s, a lounge area, awesome tabletop beer taps, and a really nice brick patio make this a cool place to hang out. The next cool thing is the eclectic and unique menu. This menu covers sushi, burgers, Vietnamese, and a whole lot more to go along with a huge beer list. So our food journey will start with two appetizers, three main dishes, and one dessert. Good thing I wore my loose fitting pants!

I came back from the Wisconsin state fair recently and really dug the cheese curds. Terrible name but pretty tasty! Light, crispy, and served with a Cajun aioli these beer battered nuggets of fried cheese didn’t disappoint! A trip to a tavern with buddies isn’t complete without nachos! Tortilla chips topped with chorizo, nuggets of rib eye, salsa verde, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and of course some good old cheddar cheese sauce makes these nachos something special.

For main courses we started with the chorizo and shrimp flatbread. Similar to pizza this flatbread has small nuggets of shrimp, chorizo, cherry tomatoes, salsa verde and queso fresco. The toppings were all fresh and the crust had a nice chew, although the sauce was a tad bland and tasted simply like crushed tomato. Next up is the fried chicken. The coating looked great but was not crisp or crunchy and tasted quite a bit like uncooked flour. This was the only disappointing part of the evening’s meal. My favorite was definitely the Bahn Mi sandwich. This Vietnamese sandwich is comprised of tender pork loin, crisp pickled vegetables, and spicy mayo on a nice soft baguette. The sourness of the veggies and the heat from the mayo make this a rock star sandwich!

After all that food I only had room for one dessert (sorry). Tonight’s choice was the cinnamon and sugar dusted doughnuts. Served with a raspberry dipping sauce, these sugary gems resembled and tasted a lot like churros. I dig churros so that’s a good thing!

Prices here are actually shockingly good with nothing on the menu even touching $20! For everything I just described and a couple of beers was $63 before tip. Overall Trademark Tavern offers darn good food and comfortable atmosphere all for a price that is equal to lesser chain restaurants. Rating **** (very good) out of *****. Definitely worth checking out.

777 Butterfield
Lombard, Il 60148