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Review of 'Torment' by Lauren Kate, book 2 of the Fallen series

Torment by Lauren Kate


Angels are becoming a fast favorite in the literary world. Fallen angels are even better. Lauren Kate is at the top of her game with her Fallen series, and the second book, Torment, published by Ember books, is full of humor, adventure, and loss.

Addison Timlin is playing Lucina Price, the main character in the series.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Torment is the second book in Fallen series.

Luce has just about had it with everything supernatural. Her boyfriend Daniel, a fallen angel, has rescued her from just one of the groups that want her dead, but now he must leave her again in order to fight more. This lands her at Shoreline, a school in California with sun, surf and Nephilim: the offspring of angels and humans. Here, Luce has the opportunity to make new friends and learn about herself.

Luce isn’t exactly shy, but she likes to keep to herself. This proves impossible when she realizes that the thousands of lives she’s lived and lost because of her love for Daniel is the ultimate epic romance story for the angel children. Realizing that they know more about her past than she does, Luce decides to take matters into her own hands. When she discovers that the shadows that have been plaguing her for years actually show glimpses of her past lives, Luce does a little investigative work. This foray into her inner private detective reveals that Daniel may be hiding more than he lets on. Are Daniel and Luce really meant to be together? Everyone says that this lifetime is different, but what does that mean?

This go around was easier to swallow than the first, mostly because Luce develops a backbone. In the first book, she practically trips over herself in order to be close to Daniel, who is less than nice to her. In this book, Luce is willing to accept her love for Daniel, but she’s also becoming more interested in figuring out who she is without him. The characters in this book are just as fun and interesting as the ones from the Sword & Cross. The ending will definitely leave you hungry for more.

You can find Torment at any of Tulsa’s local book stores: Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, The Frugal Bookworm and Gardners.

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